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In Virginia - McAuliffe Vs. Cuccinelli

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Mikeb302000

Washington Monthly Two weeks from Election Day in Virginia, most observers are getting very comfortable with the idea that Terry McAuliffe will overcome the powerful myth that the party controlling the White House always loses gubernatorial races in the Commonwealth (based on the outcomes of the last nine contests) and beat Republican Ken Cuccinelli, mainly because of Cooch’s extremism but aided by a backlash against the government shutdown engineered by his partisan and ideological friends up the road in D.C. But today’s Rasmussen poll from Virginia is still startling: it shows T-Mac opening up a 17 point lead on Cooch (50/33, with 8% for Libertarian Robert Sarvis). This is a poll of likely voters, BTW, so it shows a race not terribly vulnerable to surprising turnout patterns. Rasmussen’s last poll of this race a month ago had McAuliffe up 44/38, so the latest finding reflects a clear shift of support from one candidate to the other. This is what's going to happen all over the country.  One result, as the Republicans, led by the Tea Party fanatics, crumble into obscurity, is that gun control will finally make its long-overdue comeback. 

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