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In the Nilagiris

By Luphil

Yesterday morning we went to the Kodanadu viewpoint, the goal of our journey to the Blue Mountains, the Nilagiris. Since I came to know of it in the early 90ies, I was fascinated by that spot, and I used a picture of it at the entrance of the good-will-site.

In the ethers around that place there is the ashram of Agastya, who in theosophical literature is called Master Jupiter and considered to be the Eldest of the Masters. He is well-known in the Eastern teachings and here in South India you find several places dedicated to him. Sri Kumar once called him jokingly the “James Bond” of the Masters, who steps in in times of crises of global dimension and otherwise remains withdrawn. Master CVV is considered to be one of his disciples. In one of his books Master EK gives a beautiful description of the visit of Master DK to this ashram about 5000 years ago to learn the secrets of the time key, astrology, there.

The place is about 18 km away from Kotagiri and 50 km from Ooty. We drove through beautiful tea plantations and were astonished to see many policemen everywhere: The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, a lady, is having a huge plantation there and was going to launch a campaign (not just for her own teas…).




Sitting in the presence of the mountain we did a meditation, tuning up to the energies present. You are not allowed to enter the area beyond the viewpoint, it is a protected natural reserve. Below the mountain there is a waterfall dispersing its load into the depth.

Suddenly a group of about 30 police-people came to the place. They were surprised to see us and said we are the only” white skins” around. The head of the group was a lady and there were several other ladies in uniform as well. We had a talk together, they wanted to have my e-mail address and then there was a photo shooting session…




This morning we went to Coonoor, about 50 km away, where we visited a botanical garden with huge old trees from the 19th and early 20th century – it breathed the charm of colonial times passed by.




Cleaning-up the world…

Then we went to a nearby viewpoint, from which we could see the “Dophin’s Nose” and another waterfall, the Catherine Falls. Our driver explained that in these areas there are still some adivasi-tribes (original inhabitants) living, far off of civilization. We could see the place were we were staying at the hotel, but since there was a steep valley in between, the distance by road was about 50 km.



In the afternoon we had an ayurvedic massage in our hotel / spa. Since my cold and coughing was still strong I took a head massage, and while the therapist used my skull as a drum or produced on it the sound of a strong rain-shower, I relaxed well and after the shower felt like reborn.

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