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In the Next Round of New Extensions Will .Coin Go for a Pretty Penny?

Posted on the 14 August 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains


When the next round of new gtlds comes around, (yes there will be another round). What will be the extensions in demand? As many know Mike was involved heavily in the first round of new gtld’s consulting with Monte at

Mike and I had a conversation where he shared with me that many people have contacted him for his thoughts on the next round. The one keyword coming up over and over was COIN.

The next round looks like there will only be a singular or plural of a given string. Not both. So we should not be looking at Coin and Coins.


You can read more of the ICANN Initial Report on the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process.

Mike told me he thought that anyone looking to go after the .Coin extension should be planning for a $20 million purchase minimum.

Mike’s recommendation was sell names for $2,500 a pop with the belief that every coin out there would register their name in the .coin top level.

I said that surprises me you would charge that much. I am not sure that every coin will want their name in .coin. I think a lot of those involved with crypto see ICANN and the current DNS system as the establishment and they very much want to be anti-establishment.

There will certainly be a lot of competition for .coin and Mike may very well be right that $2,500 is the way to go.

He did make clear his focus was on the registry making money, it will not be an extension for domain investors to participate. The costs would be too high and the chances of profitability would be very low to non – existent.

Nothing is too be construed as a recommendation for participating in a newly created .coin extension.

So do you think .coin will go for big bucks if it becomes a reality?

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