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in the Morning

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
in the morning
1. New glasses; Gu After Dark Chocolate Banoffee before and after (literally incredible!)2. New town, remains of fry up after viewing flat in said town, new Topshop blazer3. Onesie, choccie bites and Game of Thrones evening, Boots purchases - reviews to come4. NewLook snakeskin jeans, cute pooch, new favorite style of top5. Katsu at Bluewater, Mango shopping, lusting after these Zara beautiesA few snaps from my long weekend. Amazing, but expensive! Not good at the whole 'must not shop' thing. Went to Bluewater for the first time in ages - I went once as a kid when it just opened and all I did was buy an ice cream. I was determined to make this a more productive trip! Did you all have a gorgeous long weekend?

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