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In Tartiflette We Trust....

By Surfcat

TartiflletteTartiflette - one of those real wholesome alpine dishes. It up there with a cheese fondue as one of those ski holiday experiences not to miss. Just saying the name conjures up rustic alpine chalets, snowflakes falling, log fires crackling, genepi glasses chinking - get the picture?

If you're still to take your tartiflette baptism then we recommend you do so on your next ski holiday to France. Tartiflette is a hearty French peasant dish, originating in the Haute Savoie, but which has since certainly become more international.

It's main ingredients include potatoes and reblochon cheese - a rich creamy cheese first produced in the Alps of the Haute Savoie. The story goes that the alpine dairy farmers were taxed by the landowners on how much milk their herds produced. To reduce the size of the tax bill they would not fully milk their cows so the yield appeared smaller. The second milking, which they'd do after tax return day, produced a creamier, richer milk which was perfect for cheese production.

Over the years recipes for Tartiflette may have changed and become more anglicised, but whatever recipe you choose, you'll end up with a filling, comforting and delicious dish - perfect after a tough day outdoors!

We asked our Chalets Direct members to share their Tartiflette secrets - here's a couple of foolproof recipes to dazzle your friends and family:

From Claire of AktivExperience of Meribel:

"Fry off onions and lardons, layer sliced potato with the lardons pour over cream that has been heated through with crushed garlic, then top with a good cheese, (not rape emmental) try reblochon for a good cheese, it tastes great and cooks well. Then bake your tartiflette in the oven, we make individual ones so they are baked for about 25 mins. A large tartiflette will obviously take longer to bake."

You can sample Aktiv's Tartiflette at either of their two chalets - Chalet Himalaya or Chalet du Fruit.

Neil of Alpine Fanatic in Les Arcs sent us this:

"A foolproof though not strictly speaking traditional recipe from Ed at Alpine Fanatic.

First boil potatoes (ratte or charlotte are ideal.) Whilst potatoes are cooking fry off lardons, pancetta for preference, drain on kitchen towel. Sweat off some sliced shallots with crushed garlic,season carefully with salt, add a splash of white wine and reduce to a trickle.Add cream and a handful of grated gruyere, sprinkle in a little parmesan. Slice potatoes in half add to a saute pan pour over cheese/cream mixture sling in the lardons and some ground black pepper, stir, check consistency and seasoning, at this stage can add some roughly chopped flat leaf parsley if desired. Then transfer to a suitable baking dish top with thickly sliced reblechon and bake for approx 25-30 mins at 180C/ gas mark 4. Serve with green salad and hard liquor :) Always goes down a storm with our guests at Alpine Fanatic."

Find their tartiflette and more at Chalet Les Sapins in Nancroix, Les Arcs in Paradiski.

Do you have a great recipe for Tartiflette? Is there a special ingredient in your tartiflette which leaves the others behind? Let us know about it! Or if you have top recipes for ski and snowboard specialities why not post them on our Facebook wall at

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