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In Search of Affordable Car Jack Stands

By Kencoul

Are you looking for a reliable jack stand to hold your vehicle? This article will become a helpful source of information, therefore, you will be able to find a durable and reliable stand with a necessary capacity right for your car. Owing a jack stand is a must for your safety.

We will help you to find the suitable jack stand that will hold up your car, truck, SUV or van and will save you money on asking for a professional help.

How to choose a reliable stand? A stand has to be made of a sturdy material, it should be adjustable and portable. A good jack stand must hold up your car weight time and time again without a possible failure which will cost you a lot.

If you need to change tires, breaks, do some mechanical or technical work, rotate the wheels and tires, you must have a proper jack stand that will ensure safety and reliable work.

Review and comparison of 5 best car stands of 2017

This is a super durable and reliable jack stand that has an attractive sleek design. It is extra-long and has an extra low profile.

The stand's capacity is 2 tons. With the help of this very stand, you will be able to get under almost any vehicle without a professional assistance.

Also, it provides a dual pump for rapid lifting and precise control. This model passes the 2009 ASME PALD standard, which is the industry's leading safety regulation for lifting equipment.

Stand out features:

Check out the video review of this very jack stand and see how to use it

This is one of the best floor jack for lifted trucks that comes at a much lower price than the previous product.

The stand's capacity is 3 tons. There are 2 identical stands that have a 5-hole adjustment which is very secure with a locking bearing.

The stands provide the minimum lift height 10-3/4inch and maximum lift height 15-5/8inch.

The stands are made of a cast aluminum base, still, they are lightweight and portable.Torin is a famous and recommended manufacturer and designer of automotive equipment and jacks in particular.

Stand out features:

This is definitely the best jack stands for cars and light-duty trucks that comes at an affordable price and can be purchased online.

These stands capacity is also 3 tons and this is an amazing and super durable heavy-duty construction that will easily and reliable lift any vehicle.

It has got a steel frame and a wide base that provides strength and safe maintenance.

Stand out features:
  • 3 tons capacity
  • 2 stands
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Reliable constructions
  • Adjustable height

This is another attractive and super durable stand with a sleek design and low profile. The stand's capacity is 2 tons.

The stand's compact design will allow you to transport it and use without a hassle. The stand offers a dual pump for rapid lifting.

The construction includes 2-piece and a handle with a bumper pad.

The universal joint release mechanism ensures precise control. Also, there is a safety valve that prevents overloading. Minimum lift height is 3 1/2 inches and maximum lift height is 18 1/2 inches.

Stand out features:

This is definitely one of the most popular and best jack stands for trucks with 10 tons capacity.

The stand provides long lift with minimal maintenance. It is 100% air operated and can be adjusted at the necessary height. There are various starting heights combined with ram travel that gives you the maximum lift height that you need.

The stand has a removable handle and two wheels which allows ease in spotting and portability. Gray is designer, manufacturer, and seller of lifting equipment since 1952. Gray has become a market leader in the lifting industry through innovative designs and unsurpassed service to its customer.

Stand out features:

Review the product and find out about its features watching the video below

This was a review of 5 best jack for lifted truck products that are 100% reliable and helpful. When you choose one, thick of vehicles types that you may need to lift to choose one with the appropriate capacity.

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