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In NEED of a ‘Cronut’

By Kena @campchic

I’m not sure if you know what’s going on here. Let me explain. This fluffy looking piece of sweet heaven is called a cronut! It’s half donut, half croissant filled with Tahitian vanilla cream and topped with a rose glaze icing. I’m freaking out over here! I NEED a cronut! It’s the hottest dessert in New York City right now. The brilliant chef – Dominique Ansel is the master mind behind the sweet craze. Ansel’s bakery only makes 200 cronuts a day and sell out with in 15 minutes every day. I have a planned trip to New York in August where I will seek and obtain a cronut. Even if I have to sleep in front the bakery until it opens. I will secure a cronut for my taste buds!

Please tweet me, facebook me, or email me if your taste buds have already sampled the rare treat. Check out the video below for induced drooling!






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