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In My Town - 4 Ways Photography Challenge

By Ninabille @ThoughtsImages

 In My Town - 4 Ways Photography Challenge We live in the suburbs of Copenhagen - it takes about 20 minutes to bike to downtown. I'm fond of the 3 lakes, that are situated about a stonecast away - surrounded by parks, trees and bushes. That's where I often times go for a walk - and where we went together with the boys to play, when they were small.  In My Town - 4 Ways Photography Challenge In the summertime it gets  rather hot - It is in the green areas, by the lakes and by the sea, that you feel the breeze. The biking lanes are very well organized - you can basically bike from here to Gotland, following the lanes through the country (well - you need to take either a train / bridge or a ferry to sail from Zealand to Jutland). The water is clean and suitable for swimming in the canals, where you find swimming facilities in different parts of the city.   In My Town - 4 Ways Photography Challenge
In the fall the town is clothed in red and yellow ... the leaves decorate the surroundings, and the bright autumn air is fresh. I like all seasons, but autumn is lovely in a special way. Time for apples and chesnuts, fresh walks and bike trips, and cozy gatherings. In My Town - 4 Ways Photography Challenge Winters can be very cold, even if we don't get snow every year. The humid cold seeps into your bones ... So you need both gloves and hats to stay warm. The light is very special in the winter months. I like to bike to the City Lakes, meet up with a friend of mine and her dog, and walk around the lakes and enjoy the pale, bright light ... and a cup of tea-to-go :)
With these 4 collages I welcome you to the 4 Ways Photography Challenge:Our theme in June is In My Town
4 Ways Photography Challenge is a monthly creative meme
where we wish to challenge you and one another in finding 4 ways of photographing the monthly themes:June 24th: In My Town
August 15th: Capturing Negative Space
4 Ways is hosted by 4 friends - all photo enthusiasts, who wish to share the joy of finding new insights and skew anglesin photographing the world around us, embracing everyday life with a camera at hand.
4 Ways Photography Challenge is open to everyone!

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