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In My Feelings... Wuhan, China!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Wuhan was the first city that I lived in China, being honest I wasn't ready to be in my feelings, no! Numerous encounters graced my presence but three gentlemen fellows had me feeling emotions like I had never before! Was I ready? Honestly, I was dumb to it all! Drunk in love, maybe? Wuhan had me ready, allowing each love scenario to build my character and then some! 

In My Feelings... Wuhan, China!
My China experience had merely started, upon recommendation I got my ticket to see a gig at Lumo's Road 'Vox Livehouse'. I had never been to a gig before that night, after finishing work at my original teaching company I made my way down to Lumo Road. Getting my food from the street vendors along Lumo Road gave me another first experience! The 'Stone Lions' were good, it was my first gig and in China it made things more interesting because of the newness! Cut to Wuhan Prison, a dive bar just down Lumo Road, it was literally a stones throw from the music. Enjoying my Beer Lao Light, I didn't realize that a really cute guy was also sitting at the bar. For this instance I shall name him 'M' to ensure his privacy. M and myself hit it off straight away, I for one felt the chemistry. In my feelings yet? Completely, I had fallen hook line and sinker! Getting down to Han Street a few days later had the feelings going good, I was getting drunker in love! A bombshell of another kind was about to get me! Sure, M helped me out!Fate meant that my work situation would have to change, M called upon a friend of his to line me up an interview with a new job. I was incredibly thankful for that turn, it was all part of life's divine time. Securing a long term teaching gig that felt right from the word go, I was happy in all areas of my life. Wuhan brought the 2015 Victory Day weekend in September, due to my visa being renewed I stayed with Wuhan for that holiday. M showed me the city like a professional! We went to Baotong Temple, East Lake and Hubu Alley, something brought us back together during both of the evenings. Drinks on the lake were great, feeling like I was in a bubble gave me a sense of new found security! In my feelings completely, I embraced every situation. During Chinese Valentine's Day it was great not to be a single dog! From meeting at Wuhan to the night before my National Day holiday, it was a whirlwind! Chengdu had me let loose, the time with M had come to an end. Chengdu's night scene allowed me to let it all go!  In My Feelings... Wuhan, China!
One year on from securing my second teaching position with M's connections, I had a message on my application of choice. Telling all, his name was Chen and there was something about his beautiful face that I had to get to know him! Meeting him at Zhong Nan Road Station along Line 2, he had grand ideas about a certain BBQ place, that place happened to be closed due to a serious power outage. Our BBQ place was opposite the scene that's been captured above, the food was nice but the company was better! I had been struck with some kind of curse, I was in a full on trance! Meeting that Friday we went for drinks at a secret bar, it was a great evening with the most delicious food that waited for us after the bar. In the taxi, I knew I had to see him again! Before a planned night out I made it to his place, he had such a cute apartment in a local development near Baotong Temple. Ding Zhi Qiao became an address that I wouldn't forget in a hurry! Fiona kept it straight because she knew I was obsessed with Chen! A bad boy? No!Reality hit fast, the intensity of our weeks long courting had me in another planet, so Fiona kept an eye on me! Things got complicated real quick when it was clear our view to work/life balance wasn't shared. My heart was bursting with emotion, the feelings were too much! Had we talked about marriage? I had Chen on the brain but something inside of me knew I had to protect myself from falling far too deep into his brown eyes! Distancing for a few months we found each other in each others company, I can't quite explain how extraordinary the feeling was. Cutting my heart out of my chest had to be done, consuming too much booze on New Year's Eve had me deeper in my feelings, backtracking for Chen I was senseless. Finally, I carried on with a heavy heart, knowing it was the just decision. Fast forward to my Beijing location, I had something to say to Chen. I felt a piece of my soul was missing or was I willing to be back under his spell? The topic of marriage came up again, I just couldn't go through with it. Oh, Chen!  In My Feelings... Wuhan, China!
With a few months left in Wuhan, I had made my decision to transition to Beijing for the next teaching semester or within the same year. Out of nowhere I had a message once again on the application that I used in Wuhan, China. I was happy being a single dog, I had no intention to meet another guy because the previous had left me in my feelings and then some. Meeting Tony felt different, he was a student who was studying at a nearby university. His English was perfect and his samurai pony tail made him look wildly attractive. He was a gem, a personality that looked good from the outside, a double bonus! We had a lot of fun, it wasn't just fun it was a pleasure to be in his company, we didn't put a label on anything that we were because things just felt so natural. Within the security of my apartment we found our way, getting to know more about each other, he become the beau that I knew wouldn't create any drama! I had my tracks confirmed and he would be leaving for Indonesia to teach Chinese. We kept it simple. Going for dinner regularly allowed us to talk about many topics, although after our first meeting he told me he had missed his bus. Because he missed his bus he ended up staying at my place for the night, for the first time I did not encourage such behaviour, I had respect for Tony. We went for fish and chips, then burgers another time, spending time with him was effortless because he was such a tonic. With our electric connection, we had found that spending time together was such a pleasure. As the end of July 2017 approached, I had embarked on my final Wuhan day out. I was again in my feelings, I found myself trying to reason with my heart once again, putting my feelings for Tony into the universe, the riverwalk along the Yangtze helped. Meeting for the last time, we knew that we savoured each and every second. Knowing we that we both had our own journeys to continue with, that gave me a great sense of comfort, that was something that we both had to do. Moving on, there was no need to be sad. W, I'm a mess! 

Truly, Madly, Deeply! 

Joseph Harrison 

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