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In My Feelings... Beijing, China!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

In my feelings? Keeping it real my time in Beijing was full-bodied to say the very least, fresh from Wuhan via my English visa and passport run I was back, back, back! Along the way I had some stumbles, mostly due to those boozy nights at Destination and Kai, but deep within the beginnings of 2020s pandemic wasn't the way I wanted to part ways with the capital city! No, B!

In My Feelings... Beijing, China!For the best part of the first and second semesters spent in Beijing, the normal routine of a Friday night remained consistent. Changing things up, I sacrificed my chill time for the Montessori course that I had been head hunted for, I had to iron a few things out before actually taking part. After several months I had decided to part ways with the course, making way for my weekends, how I had missed them! Fast forward to 2019, I had got myself settled in my final Beijing residence in the suburban Shunyi District, a stones throw from Capital Airport. Filling my cup each Friday, I was able to enjoy the Friday night hours without a care in the world. Ordering my favorite Xinjiang barbecue for the win, I would watch my weekly fix of Wendy Williams on YouTube. I felt that life had stabilised with a sense of routine, was I being lulled into a false sense of security? No! I had reclaimed my weekends with an evening that I would give both my arms for during this 2020 world pandemic situation!Complacency had me feeling comfortable, my Wuhan nights with a pizza and a bottle of wine had been elevated because I had the knack of ordering takeaway to my door! With improved Chinese skills I had things mastered, in from work, food ordered and drink poured! Once I get settled back into China life, will I go back to that weekend flex? With my independence stripped of me for the best part of 2020, first in the form of a hotel stay to then being home within the cocoon of family, I foresee my Friday night reverting back to those Guanggu Carrefour food shopping diversions from the work commute once the weekend finds me. In my heart of hearts I am hoping to have more on the street options, smaller takeout restaurants that are accessible in the week, meaning at the weekend I might want to have a home cooked meal rather than cooking all week like I did after those long Beijing weekdays. The best of both in a third city is what I'd like. In My Feelings... Beijing, China!The living in Beijing had me rethinking everything until I had my communication skills rest into Chinese, I had slipped under the radar during my Wuhan days, only ordering packages to my school and using the English service. There were times when I questioned my sanity, certainly in my feelings I learned to read those characters, understanding that different communities had differing policies for the express packages. I lived in two communities during my two and a bit years in Beijing, the first community had me pampered with packages left at my front door! Captured above, the community nearer my second campus had differing deals with the location, to the outside person these things are so normal but once I had translated the Chinese procedures regarding the pick up I was good to go. Getting things ordered became too easy, I had my fingers clicking on deals most days on Taobao and Jingdong, those drinks offers were too good to turn down! Did I order too much? Yes, maybe? Will I be in my feelings when I go to my new community when the package doesn't get put in a location I don't know about? No, I feel that my experiences before both express and food delivery will keep me mindful that procedures differ within the types of community management companies, making me fuss! That second community got under my skin, I lived there for the longest part of my Beijing time, leaving for the airport and for a night always felt normal because the taxi would always wait in the same place at the North gate. Teamed with those Friday nights I fell into a complex relationship with that East Asia Exhibition International location. It hit me in January 2020 that I would have to move out earlier than my planned departure date to my new city, transferring my things to a hotel felt so alien, I left behind an apartment that had seen many good times, some nasty good! When I have my own place it's my rules, behind closed doors! In My Feelings... Beijing, China!

It took me some time before I felt completely settled within my Shunyi District location, Beijing's vast city limits had me traveling down those transit lines to visit some of the main sights and the central areas on the weekends. I maintain that I loved Beijing and still do, sure the distance between places had me covering miles but I got to know the vast transit system. In my feelings for what? During the pandemic I took the Beijing Subway to Beijing's South Railway Station to cancel my initial ticket that was bound for Shanghai Hongqiao, Miss Rona had me masked up on a deserted train car on the way from Houshayu. I was shocked at the silent and semi-closed operation that was going on at the station, the enormity had me in my feelings because it was a distressing moment that I had never imagined happening at all. Looking on the lighter notes I adored taking a DiDi into the city to drink and dance at Destination and Kai, I found my tribe but always remained a world citizen, we're only human? Alright?

Beijing, a city that elevated my China experience in ways I could never condense into this post, I will go back soon because it's got me in my feelings completely! I had no idea how it would be to adjust from my introductory life in Wuhan with food outlets a plenty in that Guanggu World City location. I spoke my Chinese and got my buzz from ordering packages that I learned how to collect one I moved to 东亚创展国际, it was an experience that I used to grow during my next move. Did I fall in love during my Beijing stint, I lost count of the feelings I was in and out of, no mistakes were made it was all love! Not feeling the best towards the end, I have learned now in my next phase of life as I progress into my 30s, say less and let others stay in their lane. I will regain my Friday nights, I will hopefully have more Chinese takeaways and eat in options but will never forget my routine in Beijing. It's okay to be in ones feelings, I am all for feeling emotions, I'll be gracious more and more! Professionally I had ish, I'll stop by saying less! 

Beijing, In My Feelings!

Joseph Harrison 

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