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In Memory of Irvin Schonbrun

By Luphil

Yesterday a friend informed me that Irvin Schonbrun from Vancouver, Canada, passed over peacefully to the subtle spheres beginning of December 2012.

I came into contact with Irvin in 2005 and soon he started helping proof-reading, first with the Lunar Messenger, later also with the Paracelsus Magazine and books. He often did the proof-readings during the free time of his night job. He was very committed to this work and he felt deeply drawn to it. And all who came into contact with him appreciated his ever reliable cooperation.

He once told me this contact helped him overcome a profound frustration on his spiritual path and gave him back joie de vivre. He had a big heart and a deadpan humor. We often exchanged jokes.

I already suspected that something had happened with him when he didn’t react on my mails in December. And while I was in India I got a message that his mailbox was blocked. I was thinking for a way to contact him, I knew none of his other friends and colleagues. The German friend who informed me did a web-search and contacted one of the places where he had been working. And so she got the information about his passing-over…

I will keep him in a good memory. May his soul ascend to the blissful planes of Eternal Light.


Extract from a photo on Irvin’s website, by Nancy McLean / Thi Vu

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