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In His Own Words: Photographer Scott Hoover

By Attireclub @attireclub

Scott Hoover is a Los Angeles-based portrait and fashion photographer. Scott is a creative professional who works with great skill and talent to photograph men for magazines, ads and more.

In this Attire Club interview, he discusses photography, his inspirations and more!

Attire Club: Who is your main role model and inspiration when it comes to photography and creativity in general?

In His Own Words: Photographer Scott Hoover
Scott Hoover: I was and still am a huge fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood, during the studio system and how the bosses would take someone and create a star by completely manufacturing their image and their history. Photographs were very important to create the look and image. A great photo could turn a small town kid into a movie star overnight or turn a contract player into a leading man or lady. George Hurrell was the best of the best during this time, and throughout his entire career. I loved his style and how he made everyone look their absolute best. He is hands down my biggest inspiration.

AC: How do you interact with your subjects to obtain your shots?

In His Own Words: Photographer Scott Hoover
SH: I am a big jokester and don't take myself too seriously, though I am serious about what I am doing, I just rarely show it. I like shoots to be fun, fast paced, I am not afraid to lay in the dirt or climb onto something I probably shouldn't to get a shot I want. Always lots of talking - I love asking questions about random subjects when we are shooting. It gives me a feel for who they are and an idea of how to work with them. I always ask, "what side of your face do you like the best?" And I then make sure I shoot the other side more. With the right light and angles...there is no bad side. I don't think anyone leaves a shoot with me feeling bored or cookie cutter.

AC: Does the way in which a picture is published impact the way you think the photo? How?

In His Own Words: Photographer Scott Hoover
SH: Yes absolutely, you can have an amazing photo and someone will take it and add bad text or choose an ugly font or decide they want to re-edit the image and it can end up something totally different than what was intended and not always for the better. I always like the simple is better approach, not too much clutter, let the subject be the focus of your attention. On the other side you can have something very plain and simple and even not that great and someone will throw an Instagram filter on it and people call it art. In the end it's up to each individual's interpretation of how they see the photograph and what feeling they derive from it. I would rather have a bad reaction, than no reaction.

AC: What are the most frequent emotions you wish to convey through your photos?

SH: Love, lust, envy - but not in a selfish way, in an aspirational way.

AC: What is your relation to the artistic - commercial aspect of photography?

In His Own Words: Photographer Scott Hoover
SH: It's a constant back and forth. Everyone has an opinion and one person will say something is too commercial and the next that it is too editorial or "edgy"... I have grown to dislike that word by the way, very overused. If I had a trust fund then I would not listen at all and just do what I wanted all of the time, but you have art directors and editors and stylists all working on something together and its up to the photographer to figure out how to deliver an image that they are proud of and most importantly pleases the client. I think all photographers have done jobs that were just for the paycheck, but I always have to find something good about the work or I would rather not do it.

AC: What do you consider to be the most important element you need to have to create a good photograph?

SH: How you use light.

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