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In His Own Words: Model Steven Edward Dehler

By Attireclub @attireclub
Steven Edward Dehler is a model, dancer and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Steven has been featured in publications such as DNA Magazine and Adon Magazine and was featured on the covers of Rage, Elegant, and Odyssey Magazine. He's modeled for brands such as Marcuse and Marco Marco Underwear. In this Attire Club feature, Steven discusses being bullied, the modeling world and going from elementary school underdog to model. In His Own Words: Model Steven Edward Dehler Attire Club: How does one enter the modeling world? What was your experience?

Steven Edward Dehler: I don't think there's one specific pathway one can take to enter the modeling world. As I transitioned from adolescence to young adulthood and started to be more comfortable with myself, photographers would reach out to me to test shoot. So I did a few test shoots to build up my portfolio. The reception was pretty positive, although it took many years to rise above the skepticism and eye- rolling; "Just another pretty boy taking photos thinking he's a model." I would receive hate messages and comments like this frequently. People tried to prevent me from pursuing modeling, but I believed I was different. You have to believe you're different. The only way you're going to rise above the words that are attempting to bring you down is believe in yourself first and foremost. "The best revenge is roaring success", a quote from Frank Sinatra, and I completely agree. I stuck to my guns, I would let my work speak for itself, and I think it has.

AC: As a child, you were the victim of bullying - do you think that has affected your career choices in a way or another?

In His Own Words: Model Steven Edward Dehler
SED: I don't think bullying really affected the choices I've made in my career, but it did give me a thicker skin. The modeling industry is filled with criticism and not just from those that work in the industry, but from the general public as well. Being in the public eye, everyone has an opinion and aren't afraid to voice it. With that comes a lot of bullying. It's far worse now than when I was a kid. Sometimes I look at the social media of the celebrities I aspire to and the comments that they receive. It's sadly an unfortunate practice. Almost every post you see a celebrity make there are people saying hateful things. It comes with the job. So you have to be prepared for that because it'll never go away. As long as you are happy with who you are as a person, treat others well, are there for your family and friends, then what others say has nothing to do with who you are. It's their problem and you have to remember that.

AC: Have you become more aware of the way you dress since you became a model? How did becoming a model influence your personal style?

In His Own Words: Model Steven Edward Dehler
SED: My personal style has changed over the years probably more because of maturity than from modeling. I dress for myself, not for what the current trend is. I'm a pretty laid back guy so you're more likely to see me in a tank and jeans or gym clothes than in something fashion-forward. If I see something I like I'll wear it. That's not to say I don't have my moments. I'm fortunate that one of my closest friends is an amazing designer, Marco Marco, and when I have events that could use a bit of edge and style he's always there to help me out.

AC: Is there more pressure to being an underwear model than a "general" model?

SED: Well the concept of "summer body" is foreign to me. I just call it body ha ha. You always have to be ready year-round to shoot with little clothing on so fitness is very important to me. I can't say whether that's more or less pressure. There are so many extraneous factors that go into getting chosen for a job. So there is a lot of pressure in general to be the best version of you. I think the biggest personal hurdle is to come to the realization that no matter what your "perfect" self is, it might not be what the client is looking for and that has nothing to do with you and what you can control.

In His Own Words: Model Steven Edward Dehler
AC: How do you feel is the male modeling world different from the female modeling world?

SED: Well for one, male models don't get paid nearly as much as their female counterparts. They don't get sent out on gigs as often and the demand is less. Many companies still see male models as accessories. However, tides are changing a bit and the male model is getting more attention than in the past. Where this goes? Only time will tell.

AC: What fashion creations, pop culture elements or hang-out places are you currently obsessed with?

SED: I'm always excited to see what Marco Marco does next. His runway shows are always so innovative. The most recent show I was fortunate enough to be a part of was his Miami show. Don't quote me on this, but I believe he's the first designer to utilize full 360 degree video for his show. The runway was V shaped and you're placed right in the middle. It makes you feel like you're actually at the show and I think we're going to start seeing a lot more of this.

The most recent creation that I love is the fiber optics that designers are using now. With Zac Posen's Met Gala princess dress, how can you not love it? I'm very curious to see where people take it.

My current hangout places? I'm more of a homebody so when I'm not working or working out my favorite place to be is at home, watching a good movie (usually a comedy), or just taking it easy.

Thank you!

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