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In His Own Words: Blogger Igee Okafor

By Attireclub @attireclub
Igee Okafor is a strong online presence in the world of menswear. His goal is to inspire people to be stylish and live their best lives. Following his blog and social media, we were very impressed by the really sophisticated, elegant, simple and all-around stylish looks he creates for himself. He is really a guy to watch and learn from; his outfits are always not just good-looking, but also the mark of someone who goes beyond the barriers of the everyday. And that's really something! In His Own Words: Blogger Igee Okafor Discover our interview with him below! How did your interest in style and fashion begin?

I grew up being a very artistic child. Early developments started with my interest in music and theater which ultimately transitioned into entertaining as a whole. I saw style, which I didn't realize was "style" at the time as a part of the coterie. I would dress up my sister's Barbie dolls and critique the choices my mom made for my personal clothing. Hers too! I would watch movies and critique the makeup I saw or try to recreate some of the looks I was seeing.

As I became older and mature enough to articulate style's real application in my life, I started to pay more attention to it. I got to the age where I thought I knew who I was and I wanted everything I did to showcase it. Style was one way. I was reading magazines to help define, or should I say align with what I knew I wanted and I eventually transitioned into reading style blogs which I found incredibly fascinating. I didn't see that enough of my perspective was represented and I wanted to contribute to the conversation.

I started my own blog, to document my style journey in hopes that I would be able to learn from and connect with like-minded people and you can imagine what happened afterwards.
How has it changed over the years?
I'd like to describe it as a coming of age style story but the truth is I'm still developing it. I believe I started off very trendy, copying what I was seeing in the media, and then I started to morph into what I believe worked best for from everything I was able to experiment with. Editing if you may.

In His Own Words: Blogger Igee Okafor
Do you have any people you look up to stylewise?

I really enjoy the idea of a uniform, minimalist look on a day to day basis. I also enjoy maximalist styles when done naturally and with confidence. Tom Ford is someone I look up to very much in that department, Victoria Beckham speaks to me, Harry Styles is doing such a fantastic job currently, Christine from Christine and The Queens, Fred Castleberry is great, Luke Edward Hall, Sabine Getty, Alton Mason, Dean and Dan Caten.

What brands or designers are you currently most interested in? Why?
Gucci really does it for me. One thing I enjoy in a fashion company is when they're able to intentionally create clothing that showcases duality in gender and personalities. Gucci does a wonderful job of blurring those lines. Jacquemus also seems to have taken the world by storm and for good reason. The brand has a very focused storyline with a consistent take on minimalism and a sense of a very nostalgic French era. The accessories are beautiful - a bit campy, but they also manage to translate as wearable art. Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren remain classically sought after in my book. The formalwear selections are incomparable.

What are your favorite things to wear?

A double-breasted suit, a boot with a heel, my signet ring and my wrist watch.

How do you describe your personal style?

Well-tailored and accessorized.

In His Own Words: Blogger Igee Okafor
How often do you buy new clothes?

Not very often actually. I try to only go shopping for something new when I feel like I need it. Full out though, maybe once every three months or so.

Do you shop mostly online or offline?

Both, equally. If I had to choose one, I would pick shopping offline. Nothing beats being able to see, feel, and try on the product before purchasing it. It saves a lot of time.

What can you tell us about your website and work?

My website, was launched in March 2014 as a personal style blog. I single-handedly wrote extensive articles detailing my experiences with certain clothing essentials. After working a bit in traditional publishing, and digital marketing, I then transitioned the site into a style advice, education, and shoppable product hub for men. I also extended the category from just fashion to lifestyle, travel. That's how I started to run the business part-time. Through networking in New York City, I started to partner with fashion and lifestyle brands that aligned with my vision to create content that was seamless.
Since then, I've been able to work as a brand ambassador and consultant for various brands where the jobs differ. It's an all-inclusive of creating and casting social content campaigns, being a spokesperson, throwing and hosting launch events, producing brand shoots and more.

Last year, I founded a new online men's publication called BOND OFFICIAL developing content along the same lines except this time, my team and I are focusing on what social impact means to us and how we can tell the story with different veins of men. The main takeaway is that we are creating a platform for men to feel empowered through addressing different facets of modern male culture. I'm the acting Editor-In-Chief.

What do you think will be the main trends in men's fashion in the near future? Why?

I really do not follow trends but we are living in a time where men do not have to confine themselves to societal ideologies of what men should look like. Things are a bit more expressive, individual, and cultural and that is not a trend. It's a significant movement.

What do you want to do in the near future, what are you focusing on?
I'm enjoying working on BOND OFFICIAL and currently that is my focus.

Generally though, my interests lie in staying creative. I really believe I am capable of exploring new talents that instill curiosity in me. I've always said I want to build a successful lifestyle brand inclusive of fashion, travel, beauty/grooming - like Tom Ford, and Ralph Lauren. That's still a big dream of mine.

Fashion, beauty, TV and film, art - I'm curious to see what I can do across all subjects.

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