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In Her Solitude.A Personal Musing Starring, Directed, And...

By Tieshasadie @TieshaSadie
In Her Solitude.A personal musing starring, directed, and...

In Her Solitude.
A personal musing starring, directed, and edited by yours truly.
Shot in the basement of my home with nothing more than a tripod and a single umbrella light; conducted whilst snowed in for storm NEMO. 2.16.2012.
Two hours of shooting (most of which was spent between clearing an empty space to serve as the background and applying lipstick and eye shadow).  There was no plan, hell there wasn't even a general idea.  I walked downstairs, donning my wifebeater, boy briefs, and fuzzy slippers.  I stood in the storage room, sipping wine and simply observing the contents of the space.  I was this hit with a a sudden urge to prance about in something pretty and slinky.  I  rummaged through the "summer clothes" box and pulled out the first thing that caught my eye, hence the flowery number I found myself shimming in moments later.  Threw a plastic flower in my fro, put on Toni Braxton's "Secrets", set up my camera, and hit .REC.
The final product is essentially an experiment of color, grain, overlay, and movement.  I tampered with speed and gradient; it wasn't until I viewed a snippet with all the edits applied, that I decided upon the track.  Nina can do no wrong and the feel of the video was definitely one of sensuality and groove, a perfect fit if I do say so myself.  It goes without saying that, I thoroughly dig the outcome.
Mama is forever fine-tuning them skills.
- - -Audio:"Do I Move You?" by Nina Simone

Video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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