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In Her Own Words: Beauty Queen Tamar Morali

By Attireclub @attireclub
Tamar Morali took the media world by storm when she became the first Jewish woman to win the Miss Internet Choice in the Miss Germany contest. Her journey was a fast and unexpected one: in September 2017, she won a style competition in Austria and soon enough she received the impressive title. In this InCompany by Attire Club magazine, Tamar discusses her background, how she took part in the Miss Germany competition and what it means to be the first Jewish woman to take this title. What can you tell us about your background?

Tamar Morali: Born in the small German city of Karlsruhe to Israeli parents, I moved to Vienna at the age of 8, where I spent my formative years. After graduating high school at the age of 17, I decided to do a gap year in Israel, to get to know the history, culture and roots of my country better. It was a hard decision to move to a country all by myself, especially at such a young age, but I have always been a person who goes out of her comfort zone and loves facing new challenges which have a strong impact on someone's life and personality. I believe that today we have all the opportunities in the world to try out something new, to discover ourselves and to get to know ourselves a little better every day. We just need to take little steps towards a completely new direction and have the courage and strength to believe in ourselves. After coming to Israel for a gap year program, I decided to remain in the country to pursue my studies at the IDC International School studying Communications and Business. One of the reasons I decided to pursue my studies in Israel was of course my love for the country but also that students from 86 countries from all over the world were studying there! It was like taking a world trip walking on campus every single day, which was amazing!

How did your participation in the Vienna Fashion Week Look Style Awards happen?

TM: I remember reading in a magazine about a competition called Look Style Awards which was taking place during Vienna Fashion Week 2017. I always had a love for Fashion but in a sense that I loved expressing my own style and my uniqueness through clothes. I realized that if I could show people that having a personal style is different from the fashion and trends industry, I could send an important message. I was very nervous when I applied and I spent hours thinking about what to wear to portray myself in the best and the most honest and real way I could. When I applied, I got chosen with 50 other girls for the finale to walk on the runway during Fashion Week. That was my first time on the runway and suddenly I won first place in my category - Summer Looks. After that, I got to walk during Berlin Fashion Week and Tel Aviv Fashion Week, which were great experiences!

Can you tell the story of your participation in the Miss Germany contest?

TM: During the Look Style Awards, I got to know many different people from the fashion industry. One of them suggested I applied for a beauty pageant, something I honestly never had thought about. My views on beauty pageants were mostly negative, I didn't like the idea of judging women by their looks. But I told myself that I cannot judge anything without having tried it. So I applied to get a better understanding of this "beauty pageant world". I was surprised that the Miss Germany pageant didn't care about a person's height and weight. To be honest, it was nothing as I thought it would be. I applied there to portray inner beauty, to show people how to love themselves as they are and that there is no such a thing as being "perfect". Being perfect to me means loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are - which is sadly a challenge nowadays because people my age compare themselves to many famous bloggers and models. So I applied to Miss Germany during my studies in Israel in the category "Miss Internet". To be qualified in the finale you had to win first place of Miss Internet. 5 000 people applied - a huge number. All of a sudden, it turned out that I was the first Jewish candidate who ever applied for the title! I got to win the online voting and the crown of Miss Internet with 185 000 more votes than any other candidate!

Does being the first Jewish woman to win the Miss Germany title mean something special to you?

TM: Yes, indeed it is. When it turned out that I was the first Jewish candidate, my story got published on all the main news channels from around the world within only 48 hours! It was even mentioned in Arab countries and China. I'm so proud of because it is not something I expected. Knowing that people love the idea of staying true to yourself regardless of your look, your religion and color is something so special. Especially because along the journey, I got so much support from so many countries around the world and people telling me "thank you for presenting such an important message". It became some sort of a mission of mine!

What are your plans for the next year or so?

TM: I have just graduated from university and since then I have been busy going to events, shootings, TV interviews and newspaper interviews. It is such a different life I get to live but I'm so grateful. Not long ago, I came back from Los Angeles where I met great movie producers who have heard about my story since it got published in the Los Angeles Daily News and they told me I have great potential making it to Hollywood! I could see myself working in a field that includes interacting with people, presenting new ideas and thoughts I have. I care about people around me and having the opportunity to build a big platform, it means I get to share my story and beliefs with people. I always say "happiness and love are real only when shared". Sharing with people means you only gain more - not less.

What are you currently obsessed with, fashion- and otherwise?

TM: I love fashion as much as I love to dance, to smile and to be active and productive. I think no matter what you do in life, when you love what you do, you are doing the right thing. And sometimes it takes us a while to find out was we want and what truly makes us happy, but I always keep in mind that good things take time, that what comes fast and easy will be also gone very fast. I'll continue being who I am, no matter which direction and step I decide to take in my life. I wish that everyone who has a dream will keep fighting and follow their dreams; because you never know what kind of impact you will make with it in the world. And each of us has the potential to make this world a better place.

Thank you!

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