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In Alabama - Accidental Discharge - Cop Injured - Man Arrested

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Mikeb302000
Mugshot - New, Michael Edward.jpg
Local news reports
A New Crane man has been charged with a violation of the state firearms act after Birmingham police said a gun he did not have a valid permit for discharged and injured an officer this morning.

Officers saw Michael Edward New, 48, and another man running with guns. The officers stopped them and was told they were chasing someone who had broken into a nearby business.
One officer attempted to unload one of the weapons in an effort to make it safe. 
"During this time, the weapon cylinder fell from the weapon striking the ground. As the cylinder hit the ground, a bullet discharged striking the officer in the leg," Sgt. Johnny Williams said in a prepared statement. 
Only one of the two men had a valid permit for his weapon. New, who did not, was arrested. 

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