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In a Vase on Monday – Indecision

By Patientgardener @patientgardener
In a Vase on Monday – Indecision

This week was a real struggle so I almost didn't bother to write this post but in life we have to go with the rough as well as the smooth so here's this week's vase.

I wanted to do something with my witch hazel but the flowers are only just opening and they are so tiny. I also thought about snowdrops as I have quite a number now but that was last week's theme so I think I should let at least one week pass with no snowdrops. Instead I found a hellebore which was full of blooms opening and lots of buds to follow so I decided to take three stems for the post.

What to put with them was the next struggle and I thought some woodlandy foliage would work well, so I used some epimedium foliage and fern fronds to give a background and I took photos ...

In a Vase on Monday – Indecision

...and then I thought No I really don't like that its too fussy and not me at all. So I ditched the foliage and the pink pashmina - too much pink and went for one of the random bottles I have in my cupboard. As background I have gone for the grey velvety pashmina as I thought it was an interesting contrast to the second hand everyday bottle.

Anyway, there you go two for one - choose which you prefer!

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