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Improving the Speaking Skill of Your French Language Learning

By Tlb


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Language in general has four basic skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and of course, Speaking. All of these skills are very important since it comprises the effectiveness of a successful communication. Each skill plays an important role, and one might be considered more important than the other.

But this time, let’s tackle only the speaking side of a language; particularly the French language. Improving a learner’s speaking skill makes him confident in expressing his thoughts verbally, and it undeniably boosts one’s confidence.

So, if you are the kind of learner who wants to improve the speaking skill of your French language learning, the following lists below are simple but effective tips.

Hire a tutor

Can you afford to hire a tutor? Then go ahead! If you want to maximize your skills in French language, hiring a tutor is a great assistance. Besides, if you’re thinking that it’s way too much to hire a tutor, it also has its great advantages. Tutors can give you individual attention, can adjust to your pace, and gives you the liberty to choose your own time and date.

You might think that tutors are way too expensive already for an option, but if you stick to spending a couple of hours a week, you can practice on your own during his/her absence. It would also give you time to speak out your target language to other people. It’s a good way to sharpen such skills, right?


This is undeniably a very effective way in letting you master your speaking skills in French language. Whether you are enrolled in a language school or not, when you get to be staying in a French-speaking country, you will naturally be learning French. You see, immersion makes you expose in the language at all times. If you happen to study French in France, surely, your skill in this language will be developed because not only that you are equipped, you are also soaked in with the language in constant state.

Go online

Internet? For a longer time already, the Internet has been a very good source in developing one’s French language skills. There are free and paid online courses which learners can avail of, depending on their choices. Even social media sites are great advantages, particular to Youtube. Videos are great learning materials for French language learning; and mind you, everyone is so hooked with it so much.

Don’t rush into it

If you’re thinking that learning French language takes only a short while when you do all the things mentioned above, think again. Language learning does not take only overnight, after a week, or even a month. Yes, you might have knowledge already, but that is not enough. As you go on the journey of learning French, you will really be learning everything–one lesson at a time.

So don’t rush. Be patient. You will soon come to a level where you can become fluent with French language.


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