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Important Message from Josh Horwitz

Posted on the 07 March 2012 by Mikeb302000
Important Message from Josh Horwitz
Yesterday, I published a new blog at the Huffington Post that looks at a disturbing new trend in American politics: the fact that it is now easier to buy a gun in many states than it is to vote.
With legislatures across the country moving to implement "Voter ID" laws, Americans in more than 30 states now have to present some form of identification before voting. And yet, in virtually all those states, residents can buy firearms through private sales, where they are not required by law to show any ID or undergo a background check.
Meanwhile, emboldened by these developments, some pro-gun activists are beginning to "Open Carry" their guns to political gatherings once again. This includes a young man in Michigan who recently brought a loaded handgun into an elementary school to vote in the GOP presidential primary.
What type of message are these pro-gunners trying to send? What guidance does our Constitution provide on these important issues? And most importantly, what does it say about America " When Buying a Gun Becomes Easier Than Voting"?
Read my new blog to find out.Josh HorwitzExecutive Director

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