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Importance of Library in a School

By The Shri Ram School
Libraries play an important role in every school’s premises. They are a storehouse of knowledge and help in developing reading habits in young student's minds. Exceptional reading skills is a core competency of every great intellectual mind. Libraries are the place where students can think, learn, create, and grow. The library is more than a mere collection of books, it is a hotspot of learning, a place where students can get hold of great ideas and thoughts. Libraries are a quintessential part of every school learning community and every school should make sure to have a rich and well-equipped library on their premises. 
The reasons why school libraries are very important for the whole of the school community are - 
Libraries play an important role in imbibing the habit of reading among students and also encourage them to build good reading skills. Books let you travel to many places and literally are windows to the dynamic world out there. Reading one good book can equate to holding a grasp of thousands of good ideas. 
When students are given access to sufficient reading material and adequate staff members to guide them through the books in the libraries they read more and tend to perform better in their academics and other aspects of their life. 
Libraries help in developing the learning and thinking skills of students. Beyond academic content students also need to hold grasp of several other ideas, opinions, and thoughts on several aspects of life. Not only learning students are required to learn how to put the learned content to innovative use in their life. A rich and enriching collection of books helps students with all these aspects.
School librarians and teachers can collaborate on various fun-filled activities to help students develop learning skills, thinking skills, creativity skills, and communication skills. School librarians can teach students how to collect, organize, and analyze the given piece of information. They can also help students with their problem-solving skills.
Libraries develop in students the habit of reading for fun and pleasure. Reading goes beyond the black and white pages of classroom textbooks. Libraries introduce students to the big and exciting world of fiction books. These books develop in students the habit of reading in their spare time or in their me-time. In the longer run, this habit of reading for fun reinforces the emotional, cultural, aesthetic, and intellectual growth of the students.
Libraries sympathize with the fact that students differ in their learning styles and teachers differ in their teaching style and provide them with  equal access to a variety of curriculum resources- be it fictions, non-fictions, articles, encyclopedias, and Britannicas. 
These are the few reasons why the best schools in Delhi prefer to have a well-equipped library with a rich collection of books on their premises.

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