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Implement and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Can Dramatically Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Students and Healthy Diet Improves Overall Success of Your StudentDid you know that a healthy lifestyle can dramatically improve your child’s overall academic performance?  Ron Custer, enjoys studying the lives of students and teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle, wanted to share how important it is for parents to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle for their children.  Children learn by watching and they do pay attention to everything going on around them, including the meals that you prepare for them on a daily basis.  I knew that proper nutrition was important for the overall well being of my own children but I didn’t realize that it helped improve their overall academic performance.

Students Need to Learn the Importance of a Healthy Diet at an Early Age

A healthy diet and student life go hand-in-hand. It is very important for student to be in good health and maintain a healthy diet.  If not, your student will likely get sick and it will make it very difficult for them to catch up on the work they missed.  For each day that they miss school it take them longer to catch up on their academic studies, and if illness is serious, he or she may even fail their classes.  They will lose valuable time that could have potentially been avoided if he or she had taken proper care of their health. It is necessary for them to understand what constitutes a healthy diet.  Academics are important for students and they need to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can continue to use after they graduate from high school.

Exercise at Minimum of 3 to 5 Days a Week

Exercise is a great way to keeping your mind relaxed, improve your memory, and it helps reduce stress, , including swimming, tennis, Zumba, and push-ups, should be included as a part of the exercise regime. You should exercises on a regular and consistent basis in order to help increase your confidence and help you improve your test scores. Don’t forget the long term benefits of exercising.

Eat Plenty of Greens, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Sprouts and Salads

We are what we eat is a well known phrase.  Did you know that eating balanced meals and healthy snacks is the easiest way to improve the health of your student. Snacking, drinking, and eating too much junk food can be enjoyable but serving them long term can increase the your child’s health risks.   Many students who continually eat unhealthy diets while in school or college will likely be an excellent candidate for chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, adverse heart conditions, or even cancer. It is important that children are taught at an early age to make healthy food choices.  If you need any help with coming up with healthy meal ideas you can consult with your child’s doctor or a nutritionist who could prescribe a good daily food menu.

Get Minimum 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Teenager Ignoring Alarm Clock Due to Sleep Deprivation
Sleep is often undermined by students and they don’t realize that it can affect their health and academics.  Staying up at late night parties, jam sessions that go into the wee hours, all night study sessions,  playing video games all night long, and anything else that can prevent you from getting an adequate amount sleep each and every night. If you have young children at home, it is important to make sure that  your child gets enough sleep every night.  There are quite a few studies that link sleep and a healthy diet are correlated. Parents and students should take sleep very serious and implement a routine bedtime. Sleep deprivation causes problems with your child’s concentration, memory, and can increase their focus problems; however, it can also cause major health implications too. Chronic lack of sleep could signal major brain damage and neurological impairment which can cause your child or student to suffer mental health problems including depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

Tobacco, Extreme Alcohol Consumption, Prescription Drugs, and Recreational Drugs Are Extremely Harmful for Students

Young students are gaining access to tobacco, alcohol, prescription, and recreational drugs at an early age and parents should be on the lookout for substance abuse.  In fact, the National Institute of Drug Abuse states that children as young as 12 to 13 years old are already have addiction problems.  Children use substances for a variety of reasons including peer pressure, pleasure, enjoyment, and to escape their problems. They cause of total destruction of students of any age group or school, college, University, and so on. Substance abuse can affect your students overall studies in multiple ways such as skipping class, dropping out, or perform poorly.  Drugs of any sort can cause potential problems even if your child is consistently eats a  healthy diet and exercises regularly. Parents it is important to monitor your child for potential substance abuse and get them help.  Of course, kids should be taught to avoid all the all of the mentioned substances and if they are using them you should get your child help immediately.  This will ensure that your child has the best health to focus on their studies on long term basis. Also, students should discourage their peers and peer groups from using tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions drugs that their doctor didn’t give them, and recreational drugs.

A Healthy Diet Should Contain Balanced Amount of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals Essential Nutrients and Less of Oils, Salts, Sugars, or Fatty Substances

Parents should introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to their child at an early age so that they continue to eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, mainly seasonal fruits, for the rest of their life. It is important for students to eat good deal of fish( ocean fish would be ideal), poultry products like cheese, milk, pasteurized butter, soy beans, tofu, eggs, nuts, beans, and get enough vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Besides the need for more than adequate amount of water, it is also important to have minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and so on.  It is important to limit a child’s intake on fatty, fried, and junk food.  In fact, you should learn more about the Healthy Plate Model and teach them how to implement it at each meal.

Stress is Considered a Silent Killer

Students are prone to great deal of stress very much like adults, especially right before, during and after exams. Stress can’t always be avoided entirely but there are ways for children and adults to reduce the amount of stress in their lives in order to preserve good health. If stress cannot be conquered or controlled it is best to try to avoid stress-causing situations, although this does not really mean to avoid writing examinations or skipping out on major tests or projects. Instead, you should tackle stress using Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, exercising, and other ways such as listening to soothing music, worshiping at church, or just lying quietly.  These are just a few ways to reduce your stress levels .  It is important to find a method that works for you and actually reduces your stress.

Good Health Begins and Ends in the Mind

Overall good health starts and ends with a healthy mind.  It is important that you factor in your weight and age when figuring out your over all health.  As your body ages, it goes your physical health might change and you have to make adjustments accordingly.  You should focus on maintaining your overall mental health because it is more important than physical health. As a matter of fact, your mental health impacts our physical health – evil thoughts spur evil actions. You should keep your mind healthy, active, and nourished like the body. After all, a person is; essentially your mind functions your entire body and gives you the control to determine the outcome of every situation.  You can choose to  adds positive value to your life and all beautiful things that it has to offer.

Author Bio: I am Ronnie Custer. I am have actively been writing academic cases for the past several years. It has helped me to gain extensive knowledge in writing and grading assignments for all sorts of students. I have also worked in different essay writing companies in writing industry.

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Are you setting a good example and teaching your children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

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