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Impact of Writing

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Writing can build a nation, it can destroy a nation

Impact of writing is powerful than a sword

Impact of writing on consciousness is phenomenal

The World has changed. Technology has changed. And so has the writing style. Earlier it used to be pen and paper. Now it is a netbook, laptop or a desktop computer. Even smartphone screens and tabs are used for this purpose. There is text to speech and speech to text applications available. Some of these applications have higher success rate. The Swype, touch pad and digital pens have taken the place of a normal pen. But power and impact of writing have not changed. The writing was powerful earlier. It is powerful today. And it will remain powerful tomorrow. In fact, the power of writing is much enormous than that of a sword or a bullet.
A sword or a bullet can hit one or two persons at a time. A well-written note or speech can hit a thousand or a million of persons at the same time. The fire that the tip of a pen can produce can create much power than anything else. All these deeds can’t be achieved by a sword or for that sake any other weapon. A minute tip of a pen can hence do wonders. It is said that whatever you write is not always for your own sake. It can sparkle light in anybody’s life. It is just a matter of realization that your writing can do in someone else’s life. The impact of writing can be long lasting and stronger than anything else. Your writing can build a bridge of love in the world of hatred. But mind it, it can do reverse too. The law of nature is applicable here. The more you intend to write positive, the greater impact it creates. The more you write to spread negativity, the lesser impact it is bound to create.

Impact of Writing

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A writing can spread a war, it can also close a war. A writing can become a reason for fighting, it can also become a reason for the closure of a fight. A writing can sometimes do wonders. It can bring back a person to live. It can create catalysts of life. It can also create a chain reaction of love and harmony. The power if writing is much stronger than a physical wall. This wall can be a separator between two families or two nations. Writing has the power to weaken this wall. There is no price of writing. It can’t be assessed or valued. A low priced book can give you the biggest lesson of your life. This could be a lesson that is not possible to get at any cost from any person.
A book can provoke a human mind to a large extent. It can trigger you to introspect and self-assessment. It can instigate a war of thoughts within. It can repel you from negativity and negativity away from you.
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