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Impact of Security on Tourism

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Security has a phenomenal impact on tourism

Security is a big threat these days across the globe

Higher the security, more preferred is the location by tourists

Tourism ministers from 86 countries are discussing the impact of security on tourism. Security is a threat these days. Tourism is booming. Every country has seen the value of tourism. Most of the countries in the world are trying their best to make their country tourists friendly. What does a tourist needs? I think security is prime for a tourist when he or she travels to an unknown or lesser known place. The fact of life is that even the pleasant surprises sometimes give shocks. An adverse surprise is obviously, always unwelcoming. There is a phenomenal impact of security on tourism. Higher the security, more preferred is the location by tourists. In fact, it is not physical security that is important. A secured state of mind makes it much worthy. A place must be so secured that tourists can freely move fearlessly even in the night. Technology and automation are probably the two solutions that can help a lot in this direction.

Impact of Security on Tourism

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High-level tourism officials and ministers of tourism from almost 100 countries recently had a closed door discussion. The place for this meeting was the beautiful Madrid. The agenda was to discuss the initiatives required from various stakeholders for the expansion and collaboration between two prime sectors of any country – Tourism and Security. The purpose is to ensure a secure world and make tourism a fear free venture. The increase in safety factor will not only enhance confidence level of the tourists but also will boost a seamless travel mechanism. The meeting was held on 22nd January this year. Everyone unanimously favoured the need and urgency. A focused approach is required. Even if the infrastructure is well in place, if a place is not secured, nobody will like to visit the place.
Every nation present in the meeting emphasized on the increasing challenges in terms of security and safety. The stress on a great focus on the exponential level of threats on a global front was there. The major point of concern is the increasing level of threats spreading at a global level. An agenda of a collective approach was discussed among the high-level participants. Some countries obviously have higher intensity of threats while others are better secured. Creating a universally secured environment is a must. There is a demand of high level of amalgamation of tourism in the global and local level of emergency response mechanism. With an increasing threat level at a global front, it is better to focus on global solutions rather than fighting with the evil at a local level. This will enhance the collaboration of energies and lessen the wasteful efforts. Even if some countries are not affected, they must be part of this collaboration and solution.
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