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Impact of Plastic on Planet Earth

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

The mankind is entering the Plastic Age

By 2060, Oceans will be choked with plastic

In next 3 decades, the whole earth will get buried under plastic

A recent study about plastic says we have entered the age of plastic. By the end of 2060, all the oceans will be filled with plastic. Plastic is dangerous in terms of degradation. It does not decompose or degrade easily. It is piling up all across the globe. You visit a mountain, sea, desert or green land, you will find plastic in one or the other shape everywhere. No place on this earth where mankind is settled is free from plastic. The production and consumption are increasing at a triggering and alarming pace. We are not thinking of the volume of plastic we are generating and dumping on the earth. The tremendous increase in plastic waste is going to impact us in a very harmful way. As per the latest study by 2060, the whole earth will get buried under plastic. And the oceans will get choked with the plastic dumped from every part of the earth.

Impact of Plastic on Planet Earth

Photo credit: brainware3000 via Visual hunt / CC BY

There is no discipline as far as degradation of plastic is concerned. There is no systematic approach. It is like tampering with nature when we start getting excessive and uncontrolled. The control mechanism is missing when we talk of handling waste plastic dumped by everyone either in the sea or on the earth. The choking of oceans and burying of the earth due to plastic will impact the complete ecosystem. Every unit of the ecosystem will get disturbed and affected. The balancing act will go off. There will be a tremendous imbalance that will be impossible to handle. The life on this earth is going to be miserable if we don’t start thinking in this direction right from now.

Impact of Plastic on Planet Earth

Photo credit: Kat... via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

The research about the impact of plastic on planet earth has been conducted by the University of Leicester. The study says the manking on this earth is trying to alter the Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere for a long time. This significant alteration in the geologic arena is quite serious to understand. The undestructive man-made material is imposing a big threat to our planet. This is our gate of entry to the age of plastic. The plastic age will take everything under it. It will cover and soak every corner of the earth. Plastics are almost on every segment of this earth. Even deep oceans are found to have huge dumpings of plastic material. This will emerge as a shocking discovery for all of us. By the time we realize the gravity of matter, it will be too late to handle the situation. There will be no option left for us but surrender against the situation. This is a point of grave concern for everyone of us. The impeding impact is quite visible on our life if we don’t act on this already delayed activity. 
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