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Immortalize Your Memories

By Arjuunsahay

a quote on memories You are gone now and I haven't seen you since But I would see you again, I was convinced
I keep heading to that route where we usually met I have to return few memories, those which I have kept
When I saw you You were happy and I was still sad I put a brave face but you were still mad
You didn't talk to me, why would you I was also the cause of misery put upon you
I was naïve, selfish, didn't read between the lines Why did I believe you when you said you were fine?
The thought of us together, had kept me going Now that hope is gone, I may also move on someday without even knowing.
My words will still be there even when I am gone Everyone will wonder who was it for,
They will search in my other work wanting to know more They will imagine A face A smile Those cheeks That I adore
I stand here immortalize your memories in my words This can be the greatest compliment that I could give you, I suppose.
A poetry about memories, for love is not something which so easily erodes it leaves a huge amount of residue which are called memories   

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