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Immortality of Dreaming - Light Years to Your Dream World?

Posted on the 07 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Immortality of Dreaming - Light Years to Your Dream World?

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

it's a given: you sleep, perchance you dream.
There have been all sorts of dream analysis systems put under our noses by post-Freudian post-Jungian post-Magical psychologists, and we can even go back to 'aboriginal' sources and talk about  Dream Time like it's another place.
But something very weird seems to be going on with the Dream World. As the reader of Free Planet understands, I generally have several very vivid dreams per night, and I am able to recall and describe them in great detail - though analysis has never been my strong point. I don't tend to 'believe' all the dream analysis definitions I see in 'esoteric (psychology) books' and such. But back to the 'what's the weird thing that's going on?' issue.
Some dreams are HIDDEN. More and more, these past few days, I've been unable to recall dreams, even after waking immediately after one. I've realised they were as vivid and colourful and action-packed as they usually are but... They dissolve, rapidly i.e. with too much 'intent', in my opinion. And I wonder if that's because I've started reporting on them on this blog. Do the dreamers want to retain their secrets? Are the dreamers afraid that I'm inadvertantly giving away some fundamental 'state secrets' from their side of the galaxy?
My theory, and that's all it is: your dreams (my dreams (everybody's dreams?)?) take place on 'another planet' somewhere out there in the multi-dimensional universe. We see this Dream World as a 'representation of our own' with hills we recognize and shops and homes and streets and people and Earth-like situations we recognise, but this isn't our world, nor is it an imginary world of our dreaming mind.
Dream World is actually a physical planet and we physically interact with the people of this world, during our sleeping nights. We are the reason their world is the way it is. And (sympathetically) they are the reason our world is the way it is; because of this alien infiltration of our conscious plane of existence. This is sounding a little like Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5' novel and that might be because it's a book I'm re-reading at this moment by turning to random pages and just enjoying the writer's wunderbar literary mischief.
I'm not even sure if it's a) the Same dream world every night, i.e. our alternative abode for our mirror self or b) a Different dream world based on the needs of the worlds of the galaxy as they arise. I can't work out if we're solving problems for OURSELVES or solving problems for OTHERS out there in the vastness of space.
This also brings up the question of chemical triggering of unconsciousness i.e. SLEEPING TABLETS. Do these 'artificial sleep enablers' allow us to go to the dream world or do they (by their chemical interaction with the brain) prevent normal sleep pattern i.e. do they stop you traveling Light Years to your Dream World every night? Do they block the STARGATE being activated? Are sleeping pills KILLING worlds across the galaxy because you're not there to solve the problems in your special way?
Let's say we do actually control, or at least heavily influence, people on other worlds, somewhere Light Years across the galaxy, whenever we go 'unconscious' and find ourselves in REM-land, living a seemingly other life of night. Of course, this transition to the particular dreamer's DREAM WORLD is mostly instantaneous, and this is the joy of time travel to traverse great distances, even though it might 'drain some of your subjective life' to actually get there and might actually cost an objective drain on your cells. But do we GO THERE? Can we stargate our mind into a Dream Vehicle to charitably adventure in someone's living nightmare? And what's the cost?
Am I saying you are immortal if you don't dream? 
Well, that's up to you.

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