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Immersive Android Games for Under £5

Posted on the 12 December 2017 by Techloot @tech_loot

In 2016, 90% of Google Play Store’s revenue came from games. If you enjoy the experience of mobile gaming from time to time, ditch Minecraft, Candy Crush or Pokemon Go, here are some alternatives with gorgeous graphics and captivating storytelling that cost less than £5 each!

The Silent Age

Price: free

I’m starting my list of suggestions with a simple game for fans of adventure plots and science-fiction stories. “The Silent Age” is a point-and-click mystery game, worth your time due to its compelling story, imaginative graphics, and inventive narrative devices.

You will set on a quest to save the world by the means of time travel, getting into the persona of  Joe, a persevering janitor. Moving from a 1972 happy hippy age to a post-apocalyptic world, you will be solving puzzles, but keep in mind you have to be careful about how your actions from a timezone affect the other one.

The minimalist graphics resembling vintage illustrations contour well the vibrant 70’s and the gloomy future, while the mood is boosted with details as rain, dust motes and complementing music. You can move between the two timelines with a B-movie trick – a flashbulb. Quite charming, isn’t it?


Price: £3.89

One of the most interesting mobile games, Beholder is a dystopian adventure, but also a strategy game which leaves the player facing difficult choices and moral dilemmas.

The action is set in a fictional totalitarian state, where landlord Carl Stein has to spy the tenants from his block of flats and report on any subversive action noticed.

Players can keep loyal to the Ministry or help dissidents. A morally right choice might still lead to a heart-breaking resolution. In no time you will be absorbed by the stories of the residents! You will also have to manage financial resources for missions and protect your own family.

Its 2D dark cartoonish visuals and suspense-inducing soundtrack build a grim atmosphere. It gives you the creeps!

80 Days

Price: £3.00

This game is a great traveling companion, on one hand, because you need no Internet connection to play it and secondly because it’s a game about exploring the world. Inspired by the well-known novel by Jules Verne, “Around the world in 80 days”, this game has appealing cyberpunk graphics and storytelling ingeniosity.

“80 Days” is a gamebook with countless narrative experiences to explore as the character of Passepartout, assistant to British gambler Phileas Fogg, whose resources you have to manage in order to complete a world tour in 80 days. From trading antiques to caring for Mr Fogg’s health, you have to handle carefully your responsibilities.

You might get arrested or ride the Orient Express and your encounters with different travellers will influence your storyline. You will enjoy an engaging journey, challenging decisions and beautiful illustrations of iconic cities. A thrill for writers and geeks alike!


Price: £3.89

Another interesting approach to a mobile game, “Oxenfree” offers a road trip coming-of-age story. This game features the audiovisual tropes of the horror genre but comes with an unexpected narrative and well-written dialogues. It’s almost a cinematic experience:  it has relatable characters and complex dialogues, but also amazing imagery and visual effects.

The main character is Alex, a teenager who wants to travel to an island with her best friend and her stepbrother. But their explorations are disrupted by time loops when things go awry. The creative sound design helps these switches happen smoothly.

So this are my top four suggestions for immersive mobile gaming. They each have a unique style and great reviews. Have you tried any of them yet?

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