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Immersion is an Effective Strategy in Learning Chinese Language

By Tlb
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We all know that immersion is a proven learning method among language learning. But since technology develops innovatively, there are more various ways developed in learning different languages. In the same way, learners don’t compulsorily need to travel abroad anymore just to master his target language. Learners nowadays practice the method of learning languages online already, so to their advantage, it will be more convenient to them.

But personally, a language which I consider to be too difficult to acquire must really be learned in its own country where it is widely spoken. Take Chinese language as a classic example.

If I would compare the maximum result of a person learning Chinese through immersion and a person who just learn it online, the person who applies immersion method is really the most effective one. You see, learning Chinese language through immersion does not only make a learner practice the language on the internet, (which can be availed when a learner browses for free language websites online), but the lifestyle of a person residing in a Chinese-speaking country sets the mindset of a Chinese atmosphere and apply all the lessons he learns immediately, as he utter the language at almost all times.

I read an article about a person who had an intern in China.  His name is Charlie Dakin, a recent graduate who earned an undergraduate degree in supply chain management. His experience was kind of an exigent time for him. He said, “I did help having taken Chinese for three years, but it is not (enough).” Nonetheless, because of his “enthusiasm and preparation”, he was able to learn Chinese language gradually and thus proved that immersion is indeed an effective strategy in mastering foreign language.

So, are you interested in making your Chinese language learning become easier and more effective in a faster pace? Don’t settle for any learning methods anymore. Proven and tested with various testimonies and experiences, language immersion is really effective in learning Chinese language. Establish it to yourself.

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