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IMF: Getting It Arse Backwards Yet Again.

Posted on the 19 July 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From The Guardian:
The International Monetary Fund has slashed its forecast for UK growth next year after warning that the decision to leave the EU has damaged the British economy’s short-term prospects and “thrown a spanner in the works” of the global recovery…
Oh noes! Sticking with Project Fear. So what does the IMF suggest?
Policymakers in the UK and the rest of the EU have a vital role to play in reducing uncertainty, the IMF said. “Of primary importance is a smooth and predictable transition to a new set of post-exit trading and financial relationships that as much as possible preserves gains from trade between the UK and the EU.”
Well, duh.
That's what everybody wants, Leavers and Remainers alike. Mainstream opinion here appears to be that we are quite happy to remain in the tariff-free Single Market in both directions, it's just that - for whatever reason - we don't like unrestricted free movement of people from certain EU member states, and quite understandably don't like chipping in £12 billion a year for Eurocrats and subsidies for  agricultural landowners in other EU member states (insanely, the pol's are happy to subsidise UK farm land owners, many of whom are not UK resident, of course…)
It's only the top bods at the EU and the French who want to teach us a lesson and throw a spanner in the works. So go and have a chat with them, eh?

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