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Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque, Qatar State Grand Mosque

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

Mosques, one of the defining components of the Middle East, for every city we have visited, there is at least one ‘Grand Mosque’, a big, beautiful, lavish mosque, which tells the city’s story.

The Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque or Qatar State Grand Mosque is no different, opened only two weeks ago for Friday prayers, the extravagant mosque has a very modern feel with crisp lines and large open outdoor spaces. However, the mosque preserves some of the traditional aspects of the gulf region’s past, the sandstone facades, the modest building height and ninety smaller domes mimic the building constraints present when Qatar was in its early years.

Looking past the construction directly outside our apartment window, we have a clear view of the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque, and five times a day we hear the mosque’s ‘call to prayer’.

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

Side wall
Cones on each corner
One of the many wooden entrance doors

Side doors
Women entrance
Intricate metal work

Single minaret
Some of the mosaics featured in the outside court
Sonya sitting in the outside court

View of Doha city West Bay, Ezdan Towers and the new Barwa Financial District
View into the inner court
Traditional water spouts and lamps

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque at night taken from Ezdan Towers

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