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Ikea Faves (which Don't Come Flat Packed!)

By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
You should know by now we have big love for Ikea in our house. All our bedroom furniture, Isabelle's furniture, playroom furniture, our dining table and chairs, and very soon our entire kitchen, are from Ikea.
Ikea is fabulous. It is inexpensive, pretty good quality, and has stuff which I love. Maybe it doesn't stand up to the test of those with...higher standards...but we love it!
What I love most about Ikea is that you can pretty much buy anything there - and a lot of it doesn't come flat packed. So, here are some of my favorite Ikea products, which you may not even know they sell, and which I think are amazing.
Ikea faves (which don't come flat packed!)
1// Chocolate
They have the most delicious, hazlenutty, chocolate in Ikea which costs just 50p. My mom introduced this to me, and since then I have loved it. It really is yummy and, to me, is just as great as much more expensive chocolate.
2// Storage bags
Ikea sell a range of incredible resealable food storage bags. They are much stronger than your average, have a double zip lock, and come in different sizes and colours. I now use them to store everything - food, play dough, toiletries - you name it. I cannot recommend these enough!
3// Bibs
I spent ages trying to find great bibs before I found the ones at Ikea. They are plastic backed so clothes stay dry, have a little pocket to collect falling food, and are absorbent to ensure the spilled drink doesn't run straight off the bib and soak the trousers. We have 6 which are in constant rotation and have served us fabulously well. I would never use another bib again! They also sell plates, cups, bowls and cutlery which we use and which again are great.
4// Craft stuff
Chalk, colouring pens, hama beads, crayons, paper, paint, paint brushes, coloured paper...they sell so much for crafting with. It's not hugely cheaper than anywhere else for this, but they have a great range and it's so easy to pick up when you are there getting all those things you didn't know you needed.
5// Frying pan
When we got married, we had some very impressive looking John Lewis cookware on our wedding list which we were thrilled to get. Three years was all it lasted - although to be fair it was used every day. We replaced our much loved wok with this frying pan from Ikea. Simon is a bit snobby about cookware, and we weren't sure if this cheaper style pan would be any good - but it's fabulous! Made of sturdy stuff, absolutely non-stick and is wearing very well. When we get the kitchen redone one of our pitstops will be in the cookware department to stock up on many more bits from their range.

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