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If You Think This Is A Lot, You’re Wrong

By Bellezza @bellezzamjs

If You Think This Is A Lot, You’re WrongI just reached my hand into the top drawer of my dresser and grabbed what I could hold before I threw it on my desk to take a photograph. These seven lippies are about a fourth of the rest that I left lying in the drawer. Unphotographed.

It's embarrassing. I can't imagine that I own this much of one item, true, my favorite cosmetic but still...who needs more than one lipstick?

I came in from a party at a beautiful apartment last night. The owner has it decorated rather simply, and in a quiet moment after dinner gave me a spray of her favorite perfume (Diorissimo). There aren't trays of bottles adorning her dressing table. There's one elegant bottle of beautiful French scent. That's all.

I yearn for such simplicity. The ability to focus and care for a few things instead of an overwhelming collection. Perhaps only Americans think having more is the way to live; I am decidedly, purposefully, turning toward less in 2016.

Less lipstick, less perfume, less books, less accumulation. To me, this will equal less stress. I want to appreciate what I own and use it up before I buy more. After all, even Mary Poppins said, "Enough is as good as a feast."

So thank you, James, for your Triple Dog Dare Challenge which I gratefully accept. To read from only the stacks of what I already own, while wearing the lipsticks that I already have, seems like a tremendous boon to me as I face the new year.

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