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If You Know Yann

By Coreyamaro


corey amaro French Antiques


If you know Yann you know he has a soft spot for old worn loved stuffed animals.

At the brocante if I bought every old worn loved stuffed animal found we would not be able to fit into our home. 

In Vienna we came upon a Teddy Bear Museum. Talk about cute.

Photo: Teddy bear with child's shoes. 


corey amaro French Antiques If You Know Yann


Yann was cooing like a two year old: "Oh look at that one, and this one, oh isn't that one so sweet!" He made me take photos of his favorites. 

Teddy bear with baby blue sweater.


If You Know Yann corey amaro French Antiques


Teddy bear who dropped his plate and croissant.

I swear Yann wanted to offer him a tissue.


corey amaro French Antiques


Teddy Bear Tango.

Though I think they are doing the foxtrot.

Stranger truth be told, French Husband and I actually debated on what dance they were dancing.

I think they are having too much fun to be doing a serious tango.

What do you think? You know if you respond you are just as nuts as we are.


corey amaro French Antiques


A little boy blue bear just wants a partner.

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