If You Don’t Have This Attendance Management System, You’re Missing Out

Posted on the 21 June 2022 by Baluamrita
If You Don’t Have This Attendance Management System, You’re Missing Out

Is your organisation still hanging onto manual systems of employee attendance? If that's the case, then you should definitely look at automated HR tools and software

It helps organisations all across the world, big or small, effortlessly manage various aspects of human resources management, one of which is employee attendance and time tracking.

Manual processes are quickly going out of fashion. They're being replaced by evolutionary biometric attendance systems. One that prioritises date privacy. This new security system is a major relief for HRs, as it significantly reduces work and saves our time.

The systems use fingerprints, DNA, face, palm, etc., to grant access. These come with encrypted security and are the safest and quickest way to mark attendance.

And there’s so much more it can offer. Read on to know what else is for your taking if you do switch to a better, more convenient, cost-effective mode of tracking employee time and attendance.

Going Biometric. This is How Your Company Will Be Rewarded. 

The best and most effective biometric attendance systems have marvelous features and are highly beneficial. Some of the benefits include:


Once you are familiar with the entire working procedure of biometric machines, you’ll learn the complete working procedure. You’ll understand that their functionalities are extremely easy. Moreover, you will not require extra training and practice to work with these smart attendance devices.


Biometrics only works on unique signs like fingerprints, DNA, face, and palm. So this guarantees the correctness and accuracy of data. As these are highly reliable and secure, more and more people prefer using this technology.


When biometric machines were introduced, the prices were extremely high. The technology was new to the market, and the manufacturing cost was comparatively higher. Nevertheless, the resources have become abundant, and they are easy to manufacture. So now, almost anyone and everyone can afford to purchase them.

Saves Time

Using biometrics machines can help you to save time considerably. Their entire working procedure is automatic, and you will not require much time while using them. Unlike older methods like pin codes and key cards, biometrics is much more efficient.

Easy to Install

They are comparatively smaller in size and can be installed anywhere that suits you best. It takes up very little space, so you can easily fit in anywhere possible. Besides, the cost of maintaining biometric equipment is almost negligible.

Speedy Functionalities

The best biometric attendance systems have an efficient working procedure and function quickly. It takes not more than two to three seconds to mark your attendance.

Some other pros of biometric attendance include:

  • Accurate payroll
  • No ghost punching
  • Amplifies employee accountability
  • Zero replacement cost
  • Magnifies productivity
  • Data accuracy
  • Automated rules, etc.

The Variety Offered

Biometrics attendance is usually based on unique identification techniques, including:

  • Face Recognition
  • DNA
  • Retina Recognition
  • Ear
  • Iris Recognition
  • Gait Recognition
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Hand Geometry Recognition
  • Finger Geometry Recognition
  • Typing Recognition
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Odour Recognition
  • Authentication or verification of speaker
  • Vein Recognition
  • Signature recognition, etc.

How to Choose the Right Biometric Attendance System?

In the competitive market, you will encounter various types of biometric attendance systems. However, you need to choose the best for effective functioning. So it would be best if you considered some factors while selecting the effective biometric attendance system for your workplace. You must check:

  • Whether it has an exceptional storage capacity.
  • The type of security it provides. Whether it is a retina, fingerprint or DNA scanner.
  • The time it requires for identification.
  • The durability features for determining the time it can survive for.
  • Whether it can evaluate all attendance factors effectively.

If you’re still using outdated attendance systems in your workplace, install a biometric system today as it can help you save your precious time by efficiently managing your workforce.

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