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If No One is Home How Does the House Get So Messy?

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj
If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  If a family isn't home does the house become a mess?  I'm thinking after this week the answer to both of these questions is YES!

My husband is on vacation!
When my husband is on vacation that means I get out of the house.  That's right, I am mostly stuck in the house most of the week because with only one vehicle I can't go anywhere.  So since my husband has now been on vacation for a week and a half we have gone out most every day.  It feels like I'm not really home and when I am I am so exhausted from all the running around that I'm just not used to doing so I don't usually want to do much of anything and my house is showing it.
Laundry is piling up.  Now in my defense we did have a bit of back up last week with a washer that wasn't working.  So having to go out and buy a new one and then wait half a day to receive it I was without a washing machine for a day and a half.  With a family of six that is a dangerous thing to have happen!  So there was back up from that.  Back up from my not being home as much.
Yesterday I sorted laundry on my bathroom floor because that was all I had time for before we went out again.  I figured I'd get it up when we got home.  We came home and I forgot about it.  We waited for 2 of the 3 school aged kids to come home from school and went back out again.  We came home for a little while and being under the weather I needed to rest for a few before we went back out again the laundry still stayed on my bathroom floor.  When we finally came home for the evening I had to get little ones into bed and big ones rushed into the shower.  My oldest begrudgingly had to pick up clothes off the floor to place in baskets for me.  The poor thing.  Apparently that was a huge chore to ask of her because I got, but they aren't my clothes.  Ugh, seriously you can put them in a basket for me, I didn't tell you to wash them!  She did pick them up.
I got one load of laundry washed.  I still have several to do and it's not my wash day anymore.
Despite not being home there seems to be an awful lot of toys sitting all around the house.  But I'm not going around piling this stuff up to be put away every so often because we're usually running out the door.  I am not used to this.  I am not liking it.  I need to get some semblance of order around here.  I must admit I don't think our room moving has helped matters because things are still finding new homes. 
General Clutter!
Along with all of the toys there's just stuff everywhere.  We come home, drop things off, go back out, come home drop things off...  You get the picture!  It's crazy!  My husband's vacation seems to be more work for me.  I'm on vacation from my work too I guess, but yet things aren't getting done around the house because I'm not home to do them and when I am home I am just spent. 
This is why I had such a difficult time for the few weeks I was a working mom when my oldest was a baby.  I do not know how working moms do it.  I eventually will go to work outside of the home.  But that will be when my children are older.  Although, maybe that's harder than when they are little.  Or just different.  I feel like I can and should be doing so much more around here though.  
And I know if it were all a part of my normal routine I would make it work somehow.  I think I would probably have worked something out with my husband to have him help with more things around the house.  He does a lot, he's great and he would do whatever I ask of him.  But I don't generally feel the need to ask him to do a whole lot because I'm here at home.  That just hasn't been the case for the past week and a half.  None of us are really here.
I need to get my house in order! 
Aside from this driving me nuts living like this we have company coming this weekend.  The Easter Bunny will be here and guests for Easter dinner.  So that means I need to find time to get everything good and clean.  That also means I will have to bite the bullet and ask my husband to pitch in.  He's home, he can help.  I know he will help.  It will go quick.  It can be done.  We can get the house back to normal.  I think I need to start considering what to do on days where I'm not home so the house doesn't get out of control like this.  The kids could step up more with keeping their things picked up and not expecting me to put things in piles for them to claim or lose.  They could and should be picking up after themselves.  The laundry I just need to make a conscience effort to actually do a load a day so it doesn't get like this, even if I'm going to be in and out all day!
What happens to your house when you're not home for the day?  

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