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If I Were a Frog… Or a Puppy…

By Akklemm @AnakaliaKlemm

A Weekly Low Down on Kids Books

If I Were a Frog
Title: If I Were a Frog

Author: Duncan Jones

If I Were a Frog is cute and clever.  A detailed journey of constantly trying to see the world as another animal who is wishing to be another animal, Jones teaches children the concept that the grass may seem greener on the other side but only because you’re seeing it from far away – up close it’s still just grass.

The kids at the Half Price Books Humble story time really enjoyed this one.   They caught on really quickly that the animal in the background was soon to be the featured subject and they couldn’t wait to find out about the the Lion King and the Bear.

I’m proud to have this as a part of my child’s library.  She already picks it up from the stack and asks to have it read.  We cheated and have been reading it every day this week before story time, even though the author specifically sent it for us to read AT story time… it was too good to resist.

Spanish O'Malley
Title: Tell Me How You Say Goodnight

Author: Teddy O’Malley

Photographer: Angie Dickens

This was another we received from the author this last week to read at Half Price Books Humble story time. The kids could not stop gushing about puppies and how cute they were. Obviously, using puppies to get a kid to go to sleep while teaching them how to say goodnight in languages around the world was a good call!

Kids love practicing saying new words and phrases just as much as they love playing with tiny puppies and snuggling things that are soft. What a cool way to document the lives of a litter of puppies! Have them be household names and teachers to children around the world.

I find it is the simplest books that are the most appealing to kids.  My kiddo sees me flipping through ‘the puppy book’ and immediately dictates: Read it again, read it again!

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