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If I Was Stranded on a Desert island…Part II

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Karibestrycki @bloglikeitshot

‘Teaching Mrs. Tingle’

If I was stranded on a desert island…Part II

Photo Courtesy: delcomag.com

By now the whole world should know, but if not I’m okay with repeating this…Katie Holmes is my favises actress in the whole wide world. So it is vital that I pack one of her groundbreaking films for the island.

This movie debuted in 1999 and tells the tale of a girl and her two friends during their senior year of high school. Katie Holmes takes on the role of Leigh Ann, who’s goal is to become valedictorian in order to obtain a college scholarship (Does this happen in real life?).

Her best friend in the film is Jo Lynn, played by Marisa Coughlan, who is coasting towards graduation then heading off to Hollywood to become a star. Of course a teen comedy/drama needs a male hunk to rally the tweens. Teaching Mrs. Tingle’s hunk – Barry Watson. The “7th Heaven” alumni plays Luke, the badass who is too cool for school.

Enter Mrs. Tingle, played by the fabulous Helen Mirren…kind of shocking that she’s in this, right? She plays the History teacher from hell. Leigh Ann’s valedictorian status is contingent on Tingle’s final grade. Somehow Luke gets a copy of the final exam and Tingle catches them. The students head to Tingle’s house to reason with her and chaos ensues!

I have chosen “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” for a variety of reasons:

If I was stranded on a desert island…Part II

Photo Courtesy: delcomag.com

  • This movie was written by the creator of “Dawson’s Creek.” That’s an obvious sign that this movie will be good.
  • In my opinion, this movie successfully brought back the crossbow. Barry Watson accidently shoots an arrow at Helen Mirren…in the movie, not in real life of course!
  • Who hasn’t wanted to kidnap and/or terrorize one of their high school teachers who made their life a living hell?

Favises quote: “A bottle of wine and I’ll be fine.” Isn’t that the truth!

This movie makes me feel young again. “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” really shined among all those high school themed 90s teen movies. I wish real life was like this. Below is my favises scene. After a night of getting it in, Katie Holmes changes the grades in Tingle’s grade book. If Katie Holmes is going to hell…it will certainly be a party!

I highly recommend watching this movie at any age…Katie Holmes is beautiful as always. This is Katie in her prime…pre Tom (ahh the good old days).


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