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If I Ever Feel Better

By Cestlabellevie @cestlabelle_vie
if I ever feel betterif I ever feel betterif I ever feel betterif I ever feel betterFinally, a proper outfit post. For the last three days I have been confined to bed, sick as a dog, infinitely unsuitable to have any photos taken of me. Finally, yesterday, I woke up feeling healthy enough to join the outside world again and could not WAIT to put makeup/real clothes on! A girl can only watch so many Mad Men/30 Rock episodes before starting to feel a bit insane. Waking up to sunshine was the icing on the cake, and a floral romper seemed the only appropriate thing to celebrate health & spring reappearing. Both the shirt and romper are borrowed from my sister for an indefinite amount of time--seriously, having sisters is the best. I don't know how people survive without 'em. 
If you've got 'em, what's your favorite part of having siblings? Or least favorite, if you're feeling sassy. xo!
romper, ring & top: Forever 21, purse: thrifted, shoes: Urban Outfitters, polish: Essie

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