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IDF Stands for Incompetent Defence Force

Posted on the 05 December 2023 by Doggone
One big difference with the latest skirmishes between the occupiers and the Palestinians is that the occupiers are showing their weaknesses. IDF HAD a good reputation, but it's coming out that they are "casualty adverse". Let's toss in that they shoot up everything in a firefight.
This is Al-Qassam footage of the tents of the occupation forces in the Juhr al-Dik area before Al-Qassam carried out an operation to plant and detonate explosive devices.

I think I mentioned that the Gaza tunnel entrances wouldn't be as obvious as the water storage tank that IDF said was a tunnel entrance so they could bomb the hospital. This proves that the entrances are not going to be easy to spot. The IDF idiots set up camp on top of one!
So IDF really does mean INCOMPETENT Defence Force. No wonder that they have clown hats for helmet covers.

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