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IDF Caught Lying About Haredi Soldiers

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Some people have said in the comments on previous posts, the IDF has been changing how they count Haredim serving in the army as per their needs and sometimes they include other people who are not Haredim to give a boost to the Haredi numbers and to make it appear as though the IDF is meeting the quotas set by the government.
According to a just-published report, it is much bigger than that. The IDF has actually been lying about the numbers of Haredim drafting, in order to be able to show whatever numbers they desire.
So, nothing we know about Haredim drafting to the army is true. Some people talk about increasing numbers and show that when left to their own devices the numbers will grow, while others point to decreasing numbers and blame this or that for the decline. Some blame Lapid, some blame Lieberman, some blame the Haredi parties, and some blame everyone else for not dealing with the issue enough...but in reality we have no idea how many are really serving in the IDF, and if over the years the numbers have been growing or shrinking.
The IDF needs to get its act together. Such behavior is not acceptable. Clear criteria needs to be set (perhaps it already is but is being ignored) as to what is considered a Haredi serving in the IDF, and those numbers need to be published straight, no matter if they show an overabundance or  if they show that too few are drafting, and then the politicians and policy makers will be able to direct their attention properly to the issue and work towards getting the desired balance.
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