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IDEK Premieres Music Video For New Single "The Trek"

Posted on the 22 April 2021 by Ripplemusic

The Trek is a prog metal experience, written around the Nicolaï Church in Utrecht. The idea for this experience all started with the natural reverb the church has: 7 seconds long. The challenge: write and perform metal music around this insane reverb. The result? Droning, deep guitar sounds, melancholic vocal leads and pumping drums, all accompanied by the gigantic organ inside of the church and an intense light show, giving the listener a unique experience they won't soon forget.The Trek features live recorded audio and images from the experience.

About IDEK.

Hailing from Utrecht, experimental metal band IDEK. has only one goal: to create absurd mayhem and have as much fun as possible along the way.

IDEK Premieres Music Video For New Single

The band started out with Mary Fields bassist Yaresh Soekhlal and guitarist Matthew Op't Eijnde combining their writing efforts to make the music they want: anything within the spectrum of metaland beyond. Since then, the band has released their self-titled EP, multiple singles, played on theillustrious Complexity Fest and signed to Layered Reality Productions.

There were also various member changes, including the departure of founding member Yaresh. Now,the band is a three-piece, featuring Matthew Op't Eijnde on guitars & synthesizers, Harprit Bola ondrums and Müşfik Müftüoğlu on bass & vocals. The decision of becoming a three-piece was aconscious one. This made it easier than ever to have a dynamic creative writing process. The bandspends most of its holed up in a studio, creating sounds, playing on many instruments and feedingoff the different influences each band member has.

Thriving on this creative explosion, IDEK. is back with a new sound, heavier riffs and crazier outburststhan ever before. Be on the lookout for more new musicand shows coming soon.


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