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Iconic Vans from TV and the Movies

By Steadyeddie

Many people watch movies for the adrenaline-boosting action they are packed with, but no amount of speed, gunshots and explosion can really bring fame to cars used in these scenes. It takes more than special effects to make viewers remember a specific vehicle and view it as an inseparable part of that cinematic experience.

The following is a list of 7 iconic vans from TV shows and movies in the past 3 decades and if you haven’t seen them yet, you can see what they are about in previews or torrents.

The Mystery Machine in “Scooby-Doo” appears on almost every “top X vans” list on the Internet. It is easy to see why. Though officially a children’s movie van, this brightly coloured fantasy by Chevy or Volkswagen (depending on the movie) is probably many adult person’s dream.

Mystery Machine

It looks cute and benevolent, but it never fails to nail those sneaky villains. Unfortunately, this van is hardly something you could ever find at your local national van rental service.

Del Boy and Rodney from “Only Fools and Horses” boast their own three-wheeled “beauty”, the Reliant Regal van. Don’t let its bright yellow exterior fool you. It has seen more black-market, tax-evading activity than most other similar vans you see on the streets.

Disco Van from “24 Hour Party People” certainly looks like it has seen some serious partying and makes viewers long for their own disco van where they can listen to Joy Division, New Order, Sex Pistols and Happy Mondays as if the ‘80s never stopped.

There is no forgetting or ever mistaking Mutt Cutts’ van from “Dumb and Dumber” for any other van. Dressed as a dog in gray fur, with ears, nose and red tongue, Mutt Cuts’ van is as wacky as its owner and the entire movie.

dumb and dumber van

Though “Back to the Future” DeLorean time-machine is difficult to compete with, it seems like the Volkswagen Station Wagon driven by Libyan terrorists in the movie has quite a number of fans in the film community. The Station Wagon will certainly be remembered as part of a great trilogy.

Vans can be associated with scary things as well, and Hippie Van from “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” will probably remind us of that for a long time.

GMC Vandura from “The A Team” is another hot-shot that makes all the “celebrity van” lists on the net. The fame probably comes from the van’s “buff” exterior and the surveillance equipment in the back.

Though some of these movies and shows don’t rate well on, the rankings apparently don’t have much influence on how a featured van becomes a legend.

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