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Icm Sells For $160,000?

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to an adult company, SexGoesMobile has acquired the domain name for $160,000 from ICM Registry the operator of the .XXX domain name TLD.

“”SexGoesMobile’s parent company, Bremen, Germany-based SGM Media GmbH, acquired the domain name for $160,000. It also purchased 350 additional .xxx domains for its affiliate network”.

The reason why we have a question mark on the sale is because of the statement that the buyer also acquired 350 additional .XXX domain names.

At a wholesale cost of $62,  350 .XXX domain names would cost $22K in registration fees and its not clear from the story (we did not get the press release from ICM) if it was a package deal or not.

Mobile.XXX will provide live cams, video and dating in 10 languages.

ICM Registry said that of the last 5 million visits to its search engine, 18 percent were from mobile devices, providing a solid foundation for the space.

“The growth in consuming online adult entertainment from mobile devices has been extraordinary, and this project to develop an exceptional domain will allow us to create a site that will capture the ever increasing opportunities in the .XXX world,” said Andy Wullmer, CEO of SGM Media. “Search engines such as Google are de-ranking adult related results to filter out content.

“Aligning with ICM’s search engine  is helping us meet the consumer’s demand for simple, efficient ways to find and enjoy online adult content on mobile devices.”


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