Destinations Magazine

Ice Cream Selfies

By Coreyamaro

Ice Cream Selfie

The first day of June.


Chelsea was home for the long weekend.

We went to Cassis to catch some sun.

Chelsea had an ice cream. 

I sacrificed... because the night before Chelsea made Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I wanted some photos of us... so I thought to myself


If you know my daughter you know she makes faces, I begged no faces, big smiles accepted.

Now she is back on the TGV to Paris.

I told her, "I should have put a brick on your head when you were little so you wouldn't have grown up. I should have raised you dependant on me. I should have locked the door so you could have never left home. I miss you."

She gave me a goofy smile, "Mother," She says it in a tone that implies serious ding dong, "If you had done that I would have been miserable and you would have had an unhappy daughter."

Oh well she is right, but still.


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