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Ice Cream for Two: Desserts You Can Split

By Icecreamed

Poached Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream: If you want to impress your date with minimal effort, poached fruit is an excellent addition to a simple bowl of ice cream. It is easy to make, takes minimal ingredients, and tastes excellent. Consider poaching pears, apples, or peaches.

Banana Splits: Okay, somewhat traditional but there is a reason that many people share a banana split- they are large and it is an easy way to scoot in a little bit closer to share the spoon. Add fun ice cream and top with whipped cream for the end to an incredible night.

 Crepes and Ice Cream: Crepes take a little bit of extra work. If you want to do them right, the batter must be extremely smooth and cool. However, they pair so well with ice cream! Fold up a couple crepes and match with ice cream and fruit to make a light and lively dating dish.

 Ice Cream Floats: If soda shops are your style, ice cream floats are the way to go. They use basic ingredients, remind us of our childhood, and can be shared with a straw. Just don’t fight over who gets to eat the ice cream at the bottom!

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