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ICANN: Objections To New gTLD’s Will Not Be Fully Posted Until Mid-April

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Although the objection period for the new gTLD’s closed on March 13th, tonight ICANN stated that it will not post all objections across all Dispute Resolution Service Providers until mid-April

“”The period for filing formal objections to new generic Top-Level Domains began on 13 June 2012 and closed on 13 March 2013 at 23:59 UTC.”"

“ICANN will post a list of all Objections filed across all the Dispute Resolution Service Providers by mid-April.”

Just today WIPO posted 10 new gTLD objections.

Other objectors and applicants have reported filing objections or receiving objections that are not yet published on providers websites. reported they filed an objection to Google Applications for the new gTLD for .Search; .Fly and .Map

We at have already reported that Verisign has filed string similarity objections to .Company, .Network and .Vet as well as .Cam and .Bom.

I’m not sure why it takes weeks for objections that were received by March 13th to be reflected on the sites of the Dispute Resolution Service Providers but that seems to be the case.



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