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I ♥ You: Valentine's Snack Plate

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
Before I talk Valentines, this is the last time I ask for your votes in the Circle of Moms contest.  Thank heavens says you - and me! Must admit, I'm a little bummed this vegan mama of three didn't pull up, but I would have needed some 'divine Ellenvention' to do so. For those of you that were sharing and retweeting and trying to bring in more votes, you know I'm appreciative, and just sorry I couldn't do more.  
Now on to Valentine's...
Valentine's isn't just a day for romantic love.  And for me, it's the personal days between couples that are most significant - anniversaries, birthdays, and for mothers - mother's day. Those are the days to show your darling that they are treasured.
For me, Valentine's is more playful.  It's about showing love to anyone we want.  And I wanted to show our girls how much I love them with this.
I ♥ You: Valentine's Snack Plate
It's a Valentine's Snack Plate.  This would be so much fun for a children's party.  Healthy finger-food snacking that is as delicious as it is pretty - and just so easy!  Popcorn surrounding Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls, with goji berries in the center.  I wanted something red or pink for the middle, and because I had no fresh berries (and organic strawberries and raspberries are either hard to find or prohibitively expensive), I opted for goji berries.  But, you could use cranberries, or dried strawberries, or fresh grapes, or even clementines.  I ♥ You: Valentine's Snack Plate
These Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls are quickly catching on with my family and friends.  They take minutes to make, and have no added sweeteners - AND they can be made for school lunches with a nut-free option.
I ♥ You: Valentine's Snack Plate
They can be found in my new book, Let Them Eat Vegan.  If you are planning to purchase LTEV, please do so on March 13th - details to follow.
For another Valentine's dessert, try my recipe for "Three's Company Pie".

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By Chateline Roch
posted on 14 February at 05:19

Hahahahah in your dream.share it to your wives.

By Denise Namedji
posted on 12 February at 08:06

warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mbia lamour va te tiéééééééééé!!! tnxx my bby :p