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I Would Definitely Be a Nice Delicious Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit...

By Boberika @boberika

This week I had a chat with New York based Illustrator and Photographer Sarah Rosado, Her work has been featured in a number of magazine's and here's what a short snippet about what inspires her...

What do you find inspiring? Anything could inspire me. Even something as simple as sand or dirt because ill be thinking about doing something cool and creative with it.  

What's it like being an artist in NYC? Being an artist in NYC is very exciting with so much going on there's never a dull moment. Everywhere you go you can easily take a great snapshot of something interesting or find ideas for drawing.

What's on your playlist? You'll definitely find Pink's song Try, on my playlist.  It's my favorite. I also have soft rock songs from classic bands such as The Eagles, R.E.M, the Beatles, etc.  

If you could be a biscuit what would you be and why? I would definitely be a nice delicious bacon egg and cheese biscuit, since its my favorite breakfast with orange juice in the morning.  

Sarah Rosado

Sarah Rosado1

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