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I Will Walk 500 Miles

By Countesstt @CountessTT


Bench Pose - Banff, AB 2009

As I started to slowly recover from the last chemo treatment, I started to think that I was able to begin doing more physical exercise.  I was kind of anxious to get moving again.  Since my car was due for an oil change, I decided to take it in to be serviced one nice sunny day.  I thought I could drop it off at the garage and then walk home as I had done many times in the past.  It is about a 2 kilometer walk. 


Alex Enjoying a Bench Rest - Fairmont
Hot Springs, BC 2009

I dropped off my car and started walking home.  I didn’t get too far before I realized that I had seriously overestimated my abilities.  I had to sit down at every bench along the way.  After I rested on the last bench before I got home I was really not too sure if I was going to make it or not.  There were no more benches left.  I was afraid to sit down on the ground for fear I wouldn’t be able to get up.  It was like walking through mud again.  My legs were so heavy and I couldn’t breathe very well.  I took a short cut through some backyards and finally fell through the hedge into my backyard and got into the house and collapsed on the floor.  Finally I had made it home.   It was like I had finished a marathon.


Broken Arm - Feb.2007

I had just started to recover from the walk when I got a call from the school.  Alex had been in a school yard accident and they thought his arm was broken and told me that he seemed to be in a bit of shock.  I said I would be there right away to get him.  As soon as I hung up I realized that I had no car!  Of all the days!  I called everyone I could think of that might have been home on a weekday.  Finally I got a hold of Amy and through my panicked voice and tears I was able to tell her what was going on.  She went to the school and got him and then came to get me and went straight to the doctor’s office.  I said they won’t see us because we don’t have an appointment and Amy said “they damn well better see him”.  We were able to get in for an x-ray right away and waited for the results.  His arm was broken in two places and poor Alex was really in a lot of pain.  By this time I had called Mike and he was on his way home.  I stayed with Alex at the doctor’s office while Amy walked to the garage and picked up my car and paid for it for me and drove it back to the doctor’s office.
When Mike arrived he took off with Alex to the hospital for a cast to be put on and I went home and Amy went back to whatever she was doing when I called her in such a panic.  Friends like that are awesome.  Everything worked out but I can assure you that I waited quite some time before attempting a big walk like that again!
I Will Walk 500 Miles - The Proclaimers

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